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Our MANscents are MANtastic! Choose from our three scents: freshMAN, Gent Scent or Wood!
Comes in a 10ml Eurpdropper bottle, 1/3 ounce roll-on or 1 ounce Roll-on.
Our MANscents are MANtastic! Choose from our three scents: freshMAN, Gent Scent or Wood!
Comes in a 10ml Eurpdropper bottle, 1/3 ounce roll-on or 1 ounce Roll-on.
Fragrance & Coconut Oil
  • Author: Nikol Hasler
    The Hu-MAN-ity line may be intended for men, but it's perfect for women, as well. After experiencing the sugar scrub and determining that I can't live without it, I got a roller of the freshMAN MANscent and I feel I've finally found the smell that defines me. It's green and muddy and natural-smelling in a completely non-hippie way. I love it!
  • Author: Hasha Cole
    I could go on and on about your line ever since I found you in 2011! I can’t live with anything else! And, you should know too, my 30yr old son LOVES what I get for him and the gurls chase him because “he smells so yummy”! True story! When we’ve gone to concerts they always ask me “what’s Raven wearing Hasha?”
Candle: Soy
Essential Treatment Oil
 Perfume Oil or Cologne
 Scent Mist
Lotion: Shea Lotion
 Polish: Smooth-EZ
Polish: Ginger Tea

KleanSpa Scents


Beach House: Relax in the breeze of ocean scents, coupled with fresh jasmine flowers and mandarin.

Fig N' Fern: The warm scent of fresh figs blended with the green notes of lush ferns.

Ginger Tea: Black tea with hints of ginger and milk. Our "gateway" scent! (Bestseller!)

Lavender Cream: Herbaceous notes of lavender essential oil mingle with sweet notes of buttery vanilla


Blue Hawaii: Hawaiian jasmine (pikaki) and creamy notes of coconut. (Bestseller!)

Gypsy Rose: Fresh rose petals kissed with sweet geranium.

Tiare Blossom: Piquant notes of lemon married with tropical ginger and white flowers.


Creamy Coconut: The perfect lush and intoxicating coconut scent with a subtle creamy complexity.

The Devil (Made Me Do It): Have you ever smelled a fresh warm, gooey brownie? This is it!

Fresh Orange Vanilla: Whipped Creamsicle in a jar! Notes of sweet vanilla and crisp orange nectar.

Grounds: Coffee beans and vanilla! A perfect pick-me-up!

Lemon Love:  Sweet & tart lemon essence mixed with pound cake and sprinkled with sugar.

Peppermint Dream: Vanilla & peppermint swirl together to create this warm, almost edible fragrance.

Roasted Nut & Orange Peel: A lip-smacking brown sugar scent makes this nutty, orange-y scent a hit!

Very Vanilla: Sweet notes of warm vanilla. This will get you noticed!

Where Angels Go:  Light angel food cake with warm buttery notes.

Fruity & Juicy

California Grapefruit: Light, fresh notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine, red currant and sugar.

Main Squeeze: Zesty blended grapefruits with soft, sweet vanilla.

Pink Martini: Intoxicating citrus mix that blends cranberry, red-currant, sparkling vodka & gin.

Pomegranate-Fig: Sweet notes of pomegranates, pineapples and guavas intermingle with the grounded and sultry notes of musk and figs.

Satsuma Glow: Bright notes of guava and citrus mingle with sweet jasmine & orange blossoms.

Zingy Stardust: Tart tangerine kissed with ginger essence. Perfect for summer!


Cecile ("Cecille"): Light, white amber notes blended with white tea, vanilla and a dash of anise.

Moroccan Woods: A sweet breeze of neroli flowers blend with grounding notes of spice and sandalwood.

Sweet Smoke: Sweet pipe tobacco meets the dulcet notes of vanille-coco. A scent-sational unisex aroma.

Vanilla Sandalwood: Musky notes of sandalwood blend with our sweet vanilla. Perfection.

MANscent (hu-MAN-ity)

Bound & Shagged *NEW: A leather-whipped scent robust with sultry notes of amber, musk and black pepper.

freshMAN:  If man stepped out of a shower and ran through green fields of ferns, dirty wet soil and musk...
This is how he would smell. Fresh & dirty... just like we like him.

Gent Scent:  A citrus blend with cornmint and ozone and a dry-down of warm, earthy sandalwood.

Wood: Sandalwood, amber and musk with a touch of vanilla, to keep him a little sweet (and a lot sexy!)

Seasonal Scents

Cranberry Crumble: The scent of buttery, warm cranberry jam cookies and cinnamon. COMING IN NOV!

Let it Snow: A marriage of vanilla, pine, cinnamon, clove & blood orange! COMING IN NOV!

Perfect Pumpkin: The sweet notes of pumpkin pie and vanilla with cinnamon + clove make this scent a perfect
holiday treat.

Pine for You: Woodsy notes of mostly pine mingle with a touch of blackberries and wet soil. Smells like strolling
through a Christmas tree lot collecting berries! (Candles & Diffusers only) COMING IN NOV!

Sugared Plum Blossom: Sweet Plums rolled in sugar crystals and vanilla. Mmmmmmmmmm.......COMING IN NOV!