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Our MANscents are MANtastic!. Choose from our three scents: freshMAN, Gent Scent or Wood!
Comes in a 10ml Eurpdropper bottle.!
Our MANscents are MANtastic!. Choose from our three scents: freshMAN, Gent Scent or Wood!
Comes in a 10ml Eurpdropper bottle.!
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Custom Scent Samples


Beach House: Relax in the breeze of ocean scents, coupled with fresh jasmine flowers and mandarin essence. (Bestseller!)

Cecile ("Cecille”): Light, white amber notes blended with white tea, vanilla and a dash of anise. Very sophisticated and sexy.

Fig N’ Fern: The warm scent of fresh figs blended with the green notes of lush ferns. A wonderfully sweet and mouth-watering aroma.

Ginger Tea: The warm scent of black tea with hints of ginger and milk. The gateway scent! (Bestseller!)

Lavender Cream: Herbaceous notes of lavender essential oil mingle with sweet notes of sweet, buttery, vanilla.

Relaxing Lavender (EO): Traditional lavender scent. Calm those nerves.


Blue Hawaii: Hawaiian Jasmine (Pikaki) and creamy notes of coconut blend together for this Hawaiian dream. (Bestseller!)

Gypsy Rose: Fresh roses with kiss of geranium.

Moroccan Woods: A sweet breeze of orange blossoms blend with the grounded notes of sandalwood.

Tiare Blossom: An exotic blend of white ginger flowers, gardenia & jasmine, married with citrus notes of lemongrass, litsea cubeba & orange, vanilla, nutmeg, bergamot, coriander, ending with hints of musk and sandalwood.


Almond Biscotti (EO): Creamy notes of almond. (Best seller!)

Creamy Coconut: The perfect, intoxicating & lush coconut scent with an intensely rich & creamy subtle complexity. Newly reformulated! Warmer & Nuttier!

The Devil (Made Me Do It): Have you ever smelled a fresh warm, gooey brownie? This is it!

Fresh Orange Vanilla: Whipped Creamsicle in a jar! Notes of sweet vanilla and crisp, fresh orange nectar.

Grounds: Coffee beans and vanilla! A perfect pick-me-up!

Lemon Love:  Sweet & tart lemon essence mixed with pound cake and topped with sugar.

Peppermint Dream: Vanilla & Peppermint swirl together to create this warm, almost edible fragrance.

Roasted Nut & Orange Peel: A lip-smacking brown sugar scent makes this nutty, orange-y scent a hit!

Simply Chai: Notes of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger blend with rich vanilla, sandalwood with a dry-down of chocolate.

Vanilla-Sandalwood: Musky notes of sandalwood blend with our sweet vanilla. Perfection.

Very Vanilla: Sweet, notes of warm vanilla. This will get you noticed!

Where Angels Go: Light Angel Food Cake with warm buttery notes


Black + Blue: Refreshing notes of black raspberry seed with a dash of juicy blueberry and black pepper essential oil.

California Grapefruit: Light & fresh notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine, red currant and a dash of sugar.

Main Squeeze: Blended aromas of pink and ruby-red grapefruits and sweet vanilla.

Pink Martini: A very "grown-up " fragrance with an intoxicating and sophisticated cosmopolitan mix that blends tangy lemon-lime with fruity cranberry & red currant with a dash of sparkling vodka and gin.

Pomegranate-Fig: Sweet notes of pomegranates, pineapples and guavas intermingle with the grounded and sultry notes of musk and figs.

Satsuma Glow: Notes of guava, orange & lemon mingle with sweet jasmine, Neroli, sandalwood and musk.

Zingy Stardust: Tart Tangerine kissed with ginger essence. Perfect for summer!

MANscent (hu-MAN-ity)

freshMAN: If man stepped out of the shower and ran through green fields of ferns and dirty wet soil and musk. This is what he would smell like. Fresh and dirty...just like we like him.

Gent Scent: A citrus blend of bergamot, grapefruit and orange mingle with the middle notes of cornmint and ozone. To finish it off, a dry-down of warm, earthy sandalwood.

Wood: Sandalwood mingled with amber and musk with a touch of vanilla, to keep him a little sweet (and a lot sexy!)