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Hi there! I'm Jennifer Hardaway, the Scentual Mixtress, and owner of KleanSpa…a scent-sational product line I began in December 2004.

I LOVE wonderful scents and I have been sniffing everything my entire life! Books, wood, fruit, flowers…If it’s there, I may pick it up and smell it! Basically a Scent-ologist, if there ever was one! (And I don’t mean Scientologist….:-)

My first memories of engaging with fragrance were created at a young age when I discovered Mr. Sketch scented markers, which I called "smelling pens" and Japanese "smelling erasers" that exuded juicy candy-like flavors of grape, green apple and watermelon. While these notes are that of a younger palette, some of those scents provided the inspiration for the "flavors" of my skin-silkening KleanSpa Body Polishes, which are made primarily of sugar, moisturizing oils and beautiful scents.

Jennifer Hardaway

Years later, I discovered perfume oils on a trip to San Francisco. The experience was so pivotal that I now view myself as "scent virgin" prior to my metaphorical romp in the hay with "Rain." So began a life-long love affair between me and the perfume oils I now orchestrate into my scentual and aromatic KleanSpa products.

In 2009 I opened a brick & mortar store in Burbank, CA with a friend. We are about to celebrate a 5-year anniversary. And NO bath and body shop would be complete without a scent-blending bar! This began a more intensive practice in creating bespoke fragrances for new and old clients…with many returning for a new blend each season. My love affair with perfume has been a long and beautiful relationship. As I continue to hone the craft of perfumery, I am often asked to duplicate a fragrance from another company. My answer is always this: This is the creation of another perfumer/artist, and I am not willing to copy what is someone else’s art, but what I WILL do is create a scent close enough to give you the same feeling you get from smelling your beloved fragrance (or make it even more delicious). As the “nose” of the company, I have an innate and keen ability to identify the notes in many things. It’s actually a challenge to me. So bring it on!

I LOVE my customers and my focus is to consistently procure the finest ingredients for KleanSpa, and to shower my clients with delightful, scent-indulgent products that please the body, nose and spirit.

As I continue to whip up new and intriguing concoctions to add to my ever-evolving KleanSpa line, please join the newsletter so you can follow along! KleanSpa e-newsletter.

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