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Our mission at KleanSpa is to share our gift of scentual discovery with others by providing luxurious and natural products that are high quality, competitively-priced, while pleasing the body, nose and spirit.

the story of kleanspa
The name for KleanSpa's scent-sational product line came to its founder and creator Jennifer Hardaway in December of 2004. “I had been thinking about a beauty business for at least 6 months with no experience in the field other than being a product junkie myself. I had always had a passion for yummy scents and quality products. Since I get my best ideas while in the shower or while driving, it’s no mistake that as I travelled over Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, the name just came to me and I became obsessed from there! Luckily, now, I use my own products in the shower, where I come up with even more ideas on how to grow the brand!”

Jennifer Hardway, owner of KleanSpa

Her first memories of engaging with fragrance were created at a young age when she discovered Mr. Sketch scented markers, which she used to call "smelling pens" and Japanese "smelling erasers" that exuded juicy candy-like flavors of grape, green apple and watermelon. Some of those scents provided the inspiration for the "flavors" for her skin-silkening KleanSpa Body Polishes, which are made primarily of sugar and moisturizing oils.

Years later, she discovered perfume oils on a trip to San Francisco. The experience was so pivotal that she now views herself as "scent virgin" prior to her metaphorical romp in the hay with "Rain." So began a life-long love affair between Jennifer and the perfume oils she now masterfully orchestrates into her sensual and aromatic KleanSpa products.

Upon launching her fresh KleanSpa line in 2005, Jennifer decided to incorporate a spectrum of personally significant aromas. The KleanSpa Apple, a flavor reminiscent of the sweet-and-tart Jolly Rancher candies of her youth, while the Zen-inspired line - including Thai Lemongrass, Ginger Tea (green tea), and Bamboo Sugar Cane - evoke images of yoga, meditation or a spiritual retreat.

Jennifer's commitment to her customers is to consistently procure the finest ingredients for KleanSpa, and to shower them with delightful, scent-indulgent products that please the nose and spirit.

She invites all scent lovers to join her on an exotic journey of fragrance discovery that will, as she says, "dip into exotic oils, butters and perfumes, and will consistently delight you and your skin!"

Jennifer continues to whip up new and intriguing concoctions to add to the ever-evolving KleanSpa line, and shares the news with customers through her free KleanSpa e-newsletter.

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