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Custom Scent

Custom Scent
Scent evokes memories and feelings. It is also a great way to create new memories of the special or even ordinary occasions in your life. Creating a scent is a way to express who you are to yourself and to others. Bring a friend and share the experience. Bring lots of friends and have a party!

Reasons to create your own scent!

a. you want to smell good.
b. you want others to think you smell good.
c. It's a great way to express yourself.
d. It's fun!

We make it affordable and easy.

Ways to make your perfume!

a. Book a One-on-One Appointment
Sit at the scent bar and choose your palette. Our perfumers will create your mix and apply it to your skin to see how it mixes with your own personal mojo. Finalize the formula and name your scent. Leave with a roller or Eau de Parfum. Once we have your scent on file, we can add it to any of our KleanSpa products! Call to book an appointment (818) 843-1381


b. Click below to order a "Virtual Blend."
We will create three incarnations of your scent via email and send them to you to choose your favorite. You will then name your scent and we will send you your full-sized bottle and keep it on file for future refills or to be added to any of our products.


c. Book a party in our shop!
We can blend up to 20 people in our new space!
Call for a quote: (818) 843-1381 or email: info@kleanspa.com


d. Use our Mobile Mixtress service!
Find at least 10 friends to come to your event and we'll bring our scent kits to create perfume wherever you are (In the Los Angeles area...right now). Call for a quote: (818) 843-1381 or email: info@kleanspa.com

Click below to find out more!!

Happy Scenting!


Custom Perfume
Make Your Own Perfume!