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Our perfume oil comes in a glass roll-on bottle. All of the fragrances in our product line are just too good to leave behind! Purchase one of our oils to keep your favorite scent with you all day long.
Our perfume oil comes in a glass roll-on bottle. All of the fragrances in our product line are just too good to leave behind! Purchase one of our oils to keep your favorite scent with you all day long.
Fragrance or Essential and Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Oil.
  • Author: Cindy from AZ
    I got my order, thanks, I love the roll on perfume oil, the scents are great.
  • Author: Angela
    Your products are wonderful!!!  They smell great!!
  • Author: Meredith S. from Bismark, ND
    I just received my first order from Klean. I absolutely love the perfume oils I ordered they are Delicious!!! I will be ordering again. Thank you so much your wonderful products.
  • Author: Stephanie G.
    Thank you so much for the marvelous, extra goodies you send with my orders. YOU and your customer service are dynamite. I’m enjoying Cecile very much. I find it difficult to control myself with “Very Vanilla”. I want to alternately drink it or smear it all over myself. Well done, you classy lady.
    Thanks again.
  • Author: Colleen
    Got the products this weekend and I am loving everything! I've been wearing the Beach House perfume oil every day but I know I'm going to have to peel myself away from it to try the others because they smell heavenly too. Have been exclusively taking baths the last few days just so I can try out the Bath Syrup and the Milk Soak and I may never go back to showers!

    Thanks again for all the help and I can't wait to try out more products!
  • Author: Batty
    Just got four different roll-on scents, and they are fantastic. Well worth the wait! I'm currently layering Brown Sugar and the Orange/Vanilla, it smells so delicious. Thanks so much!
  • Author: A.P.
    RE: The Beach House
    I can't tell you how nostalgic this perfume makes me and how many, many compliments I get when wearing it! Thank you,
  • Author: Kasey Coleman
    Just wanted to say- WOW!! I wear the Fresh Orange Vanilla every single day(if you work in a restaurant this is a God-send). People are always commenting on how they smell some kind of heavenly fresh baked cookies when I'm around. My boss says since I started working there they've sold like 3x the amount of sugar cookies that they usually do haha. I also get such a ridiculous amount of compliments on it it's insane. I've literally been told it'd be impossible for me to smell any better.
  • Author: Tiffany
    Your products smell awesome!!! I get so many compliments on the Fresh Orange Vanilla. The scent stays on almost all day! Perfecto!
  • Author: Lisa P.
    I'm in Florida with my hubby for business and on the flight and everywhere I go I hear " you smell amazing" and then they try and guess the fragrance ha ha "it's specially made for me but you can get it too" and I give them your website! Thanks for making me so noticeable!
  • Author: Eve M
    I just received my first order of Perfume Oils today...DIVINE! I picked Fig N' Fern, Beach House and Blue Hawaii. They each smell exactly like I expected them to smell after reading their descriptions. I am looking forward to my next order.
Candle: Soy
Essential Treatment Oil
 Scent Mist
Lotion: Shea Lotion
Butter: Shea Butter
 Polish: Smooth-EZ
Polish: Ginger Tea
 Soap: The Bar

KleanSpa Scents


Beach House: Relax in the breeze of ocean scents, coupled with fresh jasmine flowers and mandarin.

Fig N' Fern: The warm scent of fresh figs blended with the green notes of lush ferns.

Ginger Tea: Black tea with hints of ginger and milk. Our "gateway" scent! (Bestseller!)

Lavender Cream: Herbaceous notes of lavender essential oil mingle with sweet notes of buttery vanilla


Blue Hawaii: Hawaiian jasmine (pikaki) and creamy notes of coconut. (Bestseller!)

Gypsy Rose: Fresh rose petals kissed with sweet geranium.

Tiare Blossom: Piquant notes of lemon married with tropical ginger and white flowers.


Creamy Coconut: The perfect lush and intoxicating coconut scent with a subtle creamy complexity.

The Devil (Made Me Do It): Have you ever smelled a fresh warm, gooey brownie? This is it!

Fresh Orange Vanilla: Whipped Creamsicle in a jar! Notes of sweet vanilla and crisp orange nectar.

Grounds: Coffee beans and vanilla! A perfect pick-me-up!

Lemon Love:  Sweet & tart lemon essence mixed with pound cake and sprinkled with sugar.

Peppermint Dream: Vanilla & peppermint swirl together to create this warm, almost edible fragrance.

Roasted Nut & Orange Peel: A lip-smacking brown sugar scent makes this nutty, orange-y scent a hit!

Very Vanilla: Sweet notes of warm vanilla. This will get you noticed!

Where Angels Go:  Light angel food cake with warm buttery notes.

Fruity & Juicy

California Grapefruit: Light, fresh notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine, red currant and sugar.

Main Squeeze: Zesty blended grapefruits with soft, sweet vanilla.

Pink Martini: Intoxicating citrus mix that blends cranberry, red-currant, sparkling vodka & gin.

Pomegranate-Fig: Sweet notes of pomegranates, pineapples and guavas intermingle with the grounded and sultry notes of musk and figs.

Satsuma Glow: Bright notes of guava and citrus mingle with sweet jasmine & orange blossoms.

Zingy Stardust: Tart tangerine kissed with ginger essence. Perfect for summer!


Cecile ("Cecille"): Light, white amber notes blended with white tea, vanilla and a dash of anise.

Moroccan Woods: A sweet breeze of neroli flowers blend with grounding notes of spice and sandalwood.

Sweet Smoke: Sweet pipe tobacco meets the dulcet notes of vanille-coco. A scent-sational unisex aroma.

Vanilla Sandalwood: Musky notes of sandalwood blend with our sweet vanilla. Perfection.

MANscent (hu-MAN-ity)

Bound & Shagged *NEW: A leather-whipped scent robust with sultry notes of amber, musk and black pepper.

freshMAN:  If man stepped out of a shower and ran through green fields of ferns, dirty wet soil and musk...
This is how he would smell. Fresh & dirty... just like we like him.

Gent Scent:  A citrus blend with cornmint and ozone and a dry-down of warm, earthy sandalwood.

Wood: Sandalwood, amber and musk with a touch of vanilla, to keep him a little sweet (and a lot sexy!)

Seasonal Scents

Cranberry Crumble: The scent of buttery, warm cranberry jam cookies and cinnamon. COMING IN NOV!

Let it Snow: A marriage of vanilla, pine, cinnamon, clove & blood orange! COMING IN NOV!

Perfect Pumpkin: The sweet notes of pumpkin pie and vanilla with cinnamon + clove make this scent a perfect
holiday treat.

Pine for You: Woodsy notes of mostly pine mingle with a touch of blackberries and wet soil. Smells like strolling
through a Christmas tree lot collecting berries! (Candles & Diffusers only) COMING IN NOV!

Sugared Plum Blossom: Sweet Plums rolled in sugar crystals and vanilla. Mmmmmmmmmm.......COMING IN NOV!