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Polish: Blue Hawaii

Polish: Blue Hawaii

Imagine yourself on a warm, breezy, beautiful Hawaiian Island...palm trees blowing...when the scent of Pikaki flowers and coconut enters your consciousness.
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You know the smells, scents and feelings you get when you're lying on the warm sand of a beach somewhere far, far away? Your skin is warm to the touch and luscious from the sun, tropical oils and the peaceful lap of the island waves?

Experience the traveling magic of Blue Hawaii. Let the blue crystals carry you off to a paradise where you don't have to be anywhere, do anything, and all the while your skin gets more and more beautiful, clear and healthy looking. Bask in the sunshine. Breathe in the coconuts. Swoon to the jasmine notes in this subtle yet tantalizing tropical sugar polish.

For hours afterwards, if not days, you'll be reminded of that soothing, invigorating private vacation you took for yourself. That vacation that woke up your senses with azure waters, fragrant aromas and the softness of renewed skin. It'll happen each time you absent-mindedly trace your fingers across the surface of your Hawaiian-drenched body.

Jennifer Hardaway, KleanSpa’s owner and genius Scentologist, wanted to recreate her olfactory memories of Hawaii in a scrub that would both delight the senses and work as a kick-ass exfoliate. And she did it! Blue Hawaii is a moisturizing masterpiece with ingredients such as Mexican sugar cane and coconut and macadamia oils, that will leave your skin silky smooth with a natural feeling of health and beauty. It’s an exquisite choice to soften your skin while delighting all your senses. (And a top-seller, to boot!)
Ingredients: Sucrose (sugar), Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Oil,Triglycerides of Caprylic/Capric Acid (Coconut) Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Toasted Coconut,fragrance, FD&C color, Vitamin E (Tocopherol).
When you are showering, take about a quarter size portion of our KleanSpa Body Polish into your hand and start gently "polishing" your body. We suggest you use it on elbows and drier areas first, but the polish can be used just about anywhere! It will remove tired skin cells and moisturize your entire body. Some have said that it gives a great shave, too.

After you have used the polish, rinse the sugar from your legs. Then, use the remaining oils as a shaving oil. It gets an amazingly close shave and no need for another product!

Just remember to take a little extra care as the oils in KleanSpa Body Polishes can make your shower floor a bit slippery.

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Cynthia G.
I have a new boyfriend and he loves my skin.  He thinks it's very soft and he loves the way I smell!  Can you imagine???  I'm on Blue Hawaii.  Yay!!!
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Lori H.
I got my stuff today!!! That was super fast!! Thank you so so much!! I'm coming out to California in July and will be coming to your store. I really wish I could purchase your products in my home town. I can't wait to buy more. My hubby wasn't too fond of the pomegranate-fig,(I like it) so I prolly won't use it around him, but he loves the very vanilla and he LOVED the satsuma glow. It was his favorite next to the very vanilla. Next time I'll have to get some more satsuma polish and body butter. Can't wait to visit your store and I'll prolly be ordering more before I do. By the way- everytime I use blue Hawaii (which I love) I have that song in my head. I even do now as I type this. Hehe!! Thanks so much!!
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