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I was in your shop on Monday in Santa Monica. Not sure if you remember me, but I was eating lunch next door and smelled your products outside. I had to come in and see what was so pleasing to my nose. I loved the scents I bought while I was in the store, but really, I adore them after wearing them. I bought the Vanilla Sandalwood and the Ginger Tea. AMAZING!! I am a huge connoisseur of smell good products and you have a top of the line product. My 3 favorite qualities of the lotions are: The fabulous scents, the scent lasts all day, and the lotion is a really good moisturizer. I have eczema so a good moisturizer is very important to me. I just wanted to let you know what you have is fabulous and you have a new customer. I wish you lots of luck and continued success in your business!
Heather D. (Arizona)
KLEANSPA ROCKS! It's the only moisturizer, scrub and fragrance I use. I had searched for products without harmful toxins and parabens, etc for a long time. This is exactly what I was looking for and the scent of the products are truly intoxicating. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE KleanSpa. I also enjoyed meeting you at Mindfulnest. The fact that you remembered my name let me know that you care about your customers and are attentive in your business. You had such a positive energy. It was a great to meet you. Thank you for taking the time out to respond. For me, what makes me frequent a specific salon or store, the relationship and interest shown from the people who are a part of those businesses.I feel that I treat others with respect and I really make sure I'm in the moment with people, attentive and interested in what is going on with them. I truly appreciate that same response from those in such stores, salons, businesses. That is what will keep me going back faithfully. I feel that I'm not just a number or just another 'buck' added to their pockets, and that's important to me. So thank you for being you! Take care,
Larrissa D.
First, let me make it clear that I am an addict of smelly things. I have tried SOOOO many products over the years. I buy not just because I love smelly things; really it's an attempt to find my perfect product. Something I can stick to and buy over over again. By gosh, I think I may have found it in your products. Let me start with the smells-they are fantastic. They aren't overpower but the scent lasts. They smell unique from anything I've smelled and from one another. They aren't generic smelling but not so complicated that they fall flat. They smell like they're meant to smell (I've ordered dessert scents from some companies and got more of and earthy, herbal scent). They smell of quality really, none of that weird after-scent that you get with some products (you know the smell if you've ever smelled it). I ordered the body scrubs and lotion. They moisturize! But I don't feel greasy at all, like I'm afraid to get into bed for fear my sheets will get stained. Also, I'm currently on medications for liver issues which means I- 1. Have very itchy, dry skin. 2. My skin breaks out in about five different kinds of ways and is very sensitive. No problems with your products where I've put them and the reactions I usually get are pretty immediate. To be honest, usually when I make a "haul" I go through the things I buy and a few products I hate, most are okay and MAYBE some are pretty good. But in this case they're all fantastic. I understand that everyone's nose, skin etc. are different. But I can say that I'm pretty sensitive and I love your products. I've only written one or two other companies after ordering from them to say how I felt about the products. So-thank you! I really love my order and I will be buying from you again. :)
Hi: I just received my first order from your company. I found you while searching for coconut body wash ( I love coconut) as I have limited shopping available in my rural area. I liked that you have products containing natural ingredients and that you strive for that. I was pleased that you offered a sampler option so that I could try small amounts of different products in various scents, enabling me to try them before purchasing larger containers or several products in one particular scent. I was very pleased to also receive a sample of another product in another scent! Thank you very much for that. The personalized "Thank you" note was also very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to sampling my purchases and possibly trying other scents and products in the future!
Sincerely, Carol M.
I LOVE using the scrubs before-while I shave. It makes my legs super smooth. Your products are my favorite- original scents and very high quality
Krissy L.
I was so excited when I saw the box on my step when I came home! Your products smell wonderful and I can't wait to slather myself in them! I think I have four different scents on my hands now, very soft too! Thanks so much for the samples as well. I've got you bookmarked for when I get my taxes back, heh heh!
Thanks again, Deanna
Please use what I have to say! I get compliments all the time about how good I smell (sounds strange typing that out) and it's usually from guys! :) Funny story but true, I was out with friends and one of my close guy friends kept asking if he could smell me because he was convinced I smelled just like maple syrup and he loved it! It was hilarious and extremely flattering to be compared to a delicious breakfast treat! I tell people all the time that I only order from you guys and how awesome you are and that I'll never order from anyone else as long as its possible! I can't wait to see your shop! I love small privately owned and operated stores full of artistic and creative items. You just don't get that anymore with all the Walmarts and Targets. I relish being unique in my Klean Mist, at least until you go global!
Hi Jennifer, Got the products this weekend and I am loving everything! I've been wearing the Beach House perfume oil every day but I know I'm going to have to peel myself away from it to try the others because they smell heavenly too. Have been exclusively taking baths the last few days just so I can try out the Bath Syrup and the Milk Soak and I may never go back to showers! Thanks again for all the help and I can't wait to try out more products!
Anyway, I really enjoy the variety of your scrubs! My shower time is more enjoyable than ever since I started to use KLEAN. Scruba-daba-doo!!!! Cannot wait for new flavors to come in the future. Thank you for making such wonderful products.
Love, Akiko
I just received my first order--and could not be happier!! The soap scents are amazing and the soap left my skin feeling so good. You included a sample cream of one of the Holiday Scents and my husband immendiately asked what I had on that smelled SO wonderful I am praying that there will be a Klean after-Christmas sale so I can stock up! You have found a new customer in me. I am so glad I found your product!!
Renee B.
I recently bought some of your products at the Unique L.A craft fair and I absolutely LOVE your products. Wow! My skin felt so incredibly soft after using the body scrub and the lotions are fabulous. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. I applied the body butter about 6 hours ago and I can still smell it! Its wonderful. I'm extremely happy with this product.
Chrysta Dieterly
Hi Jennifer! We got all of our products today and LOVED them! Seriously we were all swooning! We will be ordering more in the very near future! I really look forward to working with you! Thank you!
Shannon Conley, Urban Waxx