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How long will it take to receive my order?
Our orders are usually filled within 7-14 business days. In non-holiday season, we can usually get an order filled and shipped within one week. We ship USPS Priority Mail. If you would like to have it sooner, we can send 2nd-Day or Next-Day Air. Just let us know and we will charge you accordingly!

If I don't like something, can I exchange it
Yes. But we are not able to cover the return shipping. We will cover the re-ship cost. Just let us know within one week of receiving your "oh I hate this scent product" and let us know what you would like instead.

How does the Free Shipping over $85.00 work?
Great question! If you place $85.00+ of product into your cart you are will receive free shipping! What if you have a coupon? Well, we only offer $85.00 on after coupon usage. For example, if the your order $85 worth of product and then use a 10% off coupon, you will save $8.50 ion your order, but will have to pay shipping. If your subtotal AFTER the coupon code is $85 or more, you will qualify for Free Shipping. So, the end subtotal needs to be $85.00 or more to qualify!

Why won't more than one coupon work in your coupon section?
We only allow one coupon per order. Although we may look like a large company, we are a small operation and wish to stay in business while still offering you great deals!! So, sorry, only one coupon at a time please...:)

Are your products all-natural?
We strive to use the most natural products possible. The place we run in to trouble is preservatives and fragrances. We do not wish to subject our product users to little "bugs" that may grow inside your bottle or jar, so we use a non-paraben preservative.

Secondly, fragrance is what made us fall in love with this business to start with. If we completely limit ourselves to only essential oils (fragrances derived soley from plants) we limit ourselves to the greatness that is a manmade fragrance. I don't think we could live without our "The Devil" scent. The chocolatey goodness that comes from our chosen "man-made" fragrance, is hard to find anywhere else. None of our oils are cut and do not contain alcohol.

MOST of our ingredients are natural...but, where it's impossible to find a substitute, we use a fragrance oil. (All products are always human tested first--a rule you should follow for yourself. Especially if you have sensitive skin).