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Mobile Mixtress

The Mobile Mixtress for custom perfume, anywhere! Custom Perfume Party at your place! Mobile Mixtress Create custom perfume with the Mobile Mixtress Mobile Mixtress - custom scenting parties

The Mobile Mixtress is a scent-blending service for any affair!

Hire The Mixtress and her Minions to come right to your door or party location and create signature perfume for each of your guests. We provide a memorable party favor for your soiree!

A perfect activity for:
*Bat Mitvahs
*Bachelorette Parties
*Bridesmaids Gifts
*Corporate or Team Building Events
*Sweet 16's
*Girls Spa Night
*Movie Premieres
...and more!

Dream it. Design it. Name it.

How the custom blending session works with the Mobile Mixtress:​

1. The Mobile Mixtress comes to your location and sets up.

2. Your guest will personally work with Jennifer or one of her "minions" (as they like to be called) to create their own signature scent.

3. We will assist in discovering the best, most perfect notes for your guests by engaging them in a blind smelling. It's kind-of of like a blind wine-tasting. We don't show the names of each note because we want the person to experience the scent instead of think about it based on the name.

4. Then, we help your guest design their bespoke scent. They are in the driver's seat, we are just following their wishes.

5. Finally, they give a name to the scent and then, voila! They are ready to go.

6. They will walk away with their custom blend in roll-on form.

7. We keep the formula on file in our database for future refills.

It's an experience and a party favor for your guests! Please contact us (form below) for pricing and a quote on your party or event.

Plus - we now have a 2oz Cologne as a part of our offerings.

Let's get blending!

Please note: discounts and coupons may not be used on this service.