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Living on this planet causes our skin, the body's largest organ, to dry out. Since our bodies are made of about 70% water, it's only natural that our skin craves moisture. The need for hydration is a constant struggle for human beings. We need to replenish the daily loss of water/moisture inside as well as outside. Drinking water is a necessary part of keeping your skin healthy and providing a youthful and vibrant glow. There are different ways to care for the outside. We offer several products that help to keep your skin soft and supple. For daily moisturizing, use our KleanSpa Extreme Moisture Shea Lotion. If you have a need for more intense moisture--epecially during the winter months--choose our KleanSpa Whipped Shea Body Butter or our Exotic Butter.


Lotion: Shea Lotion
A super hydrating lotion!
Essential Treatment Oil
THE all-purpose, darn great, body elixir!
Butter: Shea Butter
Ultra-thick, silky-smooth whipped moisturizer!
Butter: Bunch O' Butters
Our Whipped Shea body Butter now comes in a set of three!