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Phoebe Peacock

Several years ago, I came across my grandmother's (Hazel) death certificate. The name listed as her mother's name was Phoebe Peacock. A chill immediately came over me as I read the name and I realized that this was my great grandmother. While I had never met Phoebe (she had been alive from 1876 to 1955) I felt a kinship to her. An instant connection.

Hearing her name, I was quickly transported to a place where all things are beautiful, well-made and dear. Where the craft of making things was taken seriously and tooled with great care. The vision I had was that Phoebe Peacock was a lifestyle. A way to create the perfect space by setting the tone with scent and style. A beautiful shop filled with quality delectable home refinements, gorgeous gifts and a luxury perfume line. This had never left my heart and mind.

In June 2017, I launched Phoebe Peacock Parfums and on August 25th 2018, we opened Phoebe Peacock, the store. We welcome you to visit us. Located in Burbank, California.

Our shop is filled with uniquely gorgeous gifts and fragrant items. Take a seat at our perfume blending bar and create your own bespoke scent. Choose from items selected to make you feel beautiful and give you a beautiful space.

We are waiting for you.
3414 1/2 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, California 91505
(818) 843-1381