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Did you know that smelling your surroundings is important. Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells (odorants), which are detected by specialized olfactory receptor neurons lining the nose.... It is thought that there are hundreds of different olfactory receptors, each encoded by a different gene and each recognizing different odorants. WOW! That's a lot of smelling going on!

Scent is the initial reason Jennifer, our founder & creator, began thinking about a business involving spa products. With her keen sense of smell, Jennifer scoured the planet for the best fragrances she could get her hands on (or should we say nose). During her scentual journey she honed her craft and created the delicious scents that KleanSpa is famous for. Jennifer's custom blending abilities birthed a new nickname for her, "The Scentual Mixtress."

Based on the fact that scent greatly effects mood, we choose our fragrances by how they effect us. In our opinion, KleanSpa's scents will enhance your mood and attract positive emotions from others. (We know that the pleasure of scent is a subjective one, but in our "subjective" opinion, our fragrances ROCK!)


Flameless Scenting for any Room!
Perfume Oil & Cologne
Our perfume oil comes in a glass roll-on bottle. All of the fragrances in our...
Scent Mist
A fragrance in your pocket!!
Custom Blend Reorder
Reorder your Custom Scent in perfume form. Just choose an option!
Custom Perfume
Make Your Own Perfume!
Custom Scent Samples
Choose 5 Scents to Try!
hu-MAN-ity Scent Samples
Our Men's Scents!
KleanSpa Flight
A fragrance trio to pair or wear together or alone.
Hydrating Mist