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If you've never used a body scrub, you are in for a beautifying treat. All of our luxurious sugar polishes contain a combination of unrefined cane sugar and a blend of moisturizing oils such as, coconut, macadamia nut, sweet almond & castor. For scent-sational smooth soft skin, buffed to perfection and lightly moisturized, just add KleanSpa Body Polish and water. Exfoliation is an important part of keeping your skin healthy and glowing.


Polish: Polish Pak
Three Polish Pak!
Polish: Smooth-EZ
Whipped Scrub Deliciousness!
MAN Scrub: Bound & Shagged
Whip your man with leather (Sugar Scrub, that is...:-)
MAN Scrub: FreshMAN
Who doesn't love a dirty man made fresh?
MAN Scrub: Wood
Whip your man with leather (Sugar Scrub, that is...:-)
Polish: Beach House
Enter the land of beach-ey goodness!
Polish: Bee Peachy
Tart peach nectar with fresh cucumber, vanilla and a pinch of pink pepper.
Polish: Blue Hawaii
Imagine yourself on a warm, breezy, beautiful Hawaiian Island...palm trees...
Polish: Ginger Tea
This is one of our (and others') FAVORITE of our fragrances! Ginger meets...
Polish: Gypsy Rose
Fresh rose petals kissed with sweet geranium.
Polish: Main Squeeze
Get Squeezed!
Polish: Pomegranate-Fig
Mysterious and Sweet!
Polish: Roasted Nut & Orange Peel Body
A fabulous blend of roasted nut and pieces-of-orange fragrances waft out of...
Polish: Satsuma Glow
Wonderfully sweet 'n tart sugar scrub. Great for early mornings to add a...
Polish: Sweet Smoke
Sweet pipe tobacco meets the dulcet notes of vanille-coco. A scent-sational...
Polish: Vanilla Sandalwood
Love this woody sweet scrub!