The Best Make-up I've ever Used!

Ok. So I said I would post once per week, but that didn’t happen. So I am not making any promises for next time and then I will probably post once per week. We shall see!

I wanted to let you guys know about a great make-up line that I have found and LOVE! It’s called Mineral Silk

I hadn’t used mineral make-up before, and I wondered what all the hype was. I was contacted by De and we decided to do a barter with our products. Well, now we are BIG fans of each other’s stuff!

I haven’t needed to wear make-up that much in the last several years, so when i received it, I thought I wouldn’t use it.

I loved it from the start! It’s so sheer yet there is great coverage. It looks natural and I feel like I am not wearing anything.

I recommend the Exclusive Mineral Makeup & Brush Set for the best value. It will give you everything you need in one go, but don’t fall off your chair when you see how affordable it is, okay?

Oh, De has also decided to give all of my KLEAN customers a great deal. We can buy anything we want for an additional 20% off our order; just enter the coupon code – kleanisgreen on page 2 of the checkout process.

So, what are you waiting for, go try it!!!