Friends with "Benefits"!

I recently posted about how hard it is to get out the door and visit friends in flesh and blood. But as I went through my calendar, I WAS able to tear myself away from the office FIVE times over the last month or so. And the “benefits” cannot be ignored.

I am lucky I live in a town with SO many entrepreneurial-driven gals!

I think I am going to do a 5-segment posting on these gals, cause I don’t want to cut any of them short!

The first lunch I had was with Carrie Sommer of Sommer Designs. We met through a women’s business group called Ladies Who Launch (I highly recommend them to anyone who wants, is or has launched a business.

We had lunch in Santa Monica, CA at Border Grill…a favorite Mexican/South American restaurant of mine! The food there is SO yummy! We started with Green Corn Tamales and Guacamole. Then for lunch I had Turkey Tostadas...OMG..Yum! Then, for dessert, we shared one of my faves: Pastel Rufina…sweet, creamy, chocolate chunky, goodness. (Sounds like a KLEAN Sugar Polish…lol).

While we were there, Carrie said she would send me one of her Lavender Liners. And she did! While I am not a huge fan of lavender, I DO like it in certain situations. And this was one of them. You can place it in a drawer (I put it with my undies–probably too much info for you. 🙂 OR you could pack it in a suitcase to travel with and have lovely scented clothes when you arrive at your destination. What a great idea!! (Thank you, Carrie).

We were able to chat about our businesses and experiences, but had to part ways. I was so glad we made the time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gal pal get together!


Label, Labels….Who's Got the Labels???

WE do!!

If any of you are following the progress of KLEAN, we wanted to include you in the newest addition to our company.

It’s like another appendage! Our NEW labels….thousands and thousands of them….Here are a couple of pics of them….

We are currently looking for more wall-space in our “lab” to accommodate all of them! (We’ll get back to you on that one!!).

This is the greatest thing! Filling orders in more expedient, and when you use our products, the water-exposed ones won’t run or peel! We are glad to be able to offer you this!!

Have a great Sunday!


"Yeah" or "Yay"

This has been on my mind recently. As I mentioned yesterday, I have made many new friends via the cyber-world. As most of our communication takes place via e-mail, I have had a question about a few words: “Yeah” and “Yay.” In order to show my excitement about a friend’s good fortune, I have been using the word “Yeah,” as I see many other people do. I read it as sounding like “Yay.”

So with that confusion (I know it’s not brain surgery) I had to go to and look it up! The definition of “Yeah” helped me a lot, but there is also an audio option, which I found very cool. This word is pronounced “Yah.” Maybe I was reading or writing it incorrectly and thinking it sounded like “Yay.”

I know this may not seem incredibly important to you, but I like my exclamations to be correct. (For years I have been thinking one thing and “exclaiming” another.)

So, in short, now I know and I’ll just say…..Yay!


While e-mail is not a substitute for communication in relationships, I realize that many of the friendships I have wouldn’t be possible without e-mail, much less the Internet. Through creating and running this business, I have “met” some wonderful people whom I have never laid eyes on.

De Nelson, of Mineral Silk Mineral Make-Up
HollyBeth of HollyBeth Natural Body Products
Dawn Weeber of Vintage Sister
Donna Maria Coles Johnson of Indie Beauty Network.

There are so many others, but it’s impossible to list them all. It really is amazing how you can create friendships, now, with people all the way across the country. I am so grateful for these connections, because as life has gotten busier, it’s been harder to get out with the friends I know in flesh and blood!

I want to thank these gals for making my life fuller and happier!




We want to invite you to a KLEAN E-sale to celebrate our new labels!!

During the month of April, we want to offer you, our lovely KLEAN fans, a discount.

We have it set up where, after you sign in and fill your cart up with $60 worth of items, you will receive a 15% discount! You need to do nothing. No coupon codes!

Also, if you fill it with $75 or more of products (after the discount), not only will you receive 15% off everything, but you will receive FREE SHIPPING!

AND ANOTHER THING, if you forward this to your friends, and they refer to you as their contact, you will receive another 20% off coupon on your next purchase!

So, go on! What are you waiting for!

Thank you for your loyalty. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Owner & KLEAN Queen

P.S. This is for retail customers only.