Review: Klean Bath & Body

Our new friend, Irene did a review of our products. Check it out and add a comment, if you like!!A review on some goodies from Klean. You guys asked for some new bath companies, so here you go! :)Details:- Sugar Body Polish (5oz for $11, 9oz for $21)Shown in “Satsuma Glow”- Whipped Shea Body Polist (5.5oz for $13.50, 9oz for $27.50)Shown in “Banana Bliss”- Klean Mist Dry Oil Spray $17Shown in “Karma L-Krunch”- Ultra Foam…

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Day One!

The other day I posted about 29-Day Giving Challenge. I have decided to take on the challenge and TODAY is day ONE!!

I had to give some thought to it. As the wheels were spinning, I decided that it was best for me to give things other than KLEAN items. (Don’t worry, we will STILL have our regular giveaways). But since much of the KLEAN giving is also for promotional purposes (yes, the truth is out, I want EVERYONE to know about KLEAN, so I spread it around to promote the name–but that’s just good business).

I am committing to give something: advice, energy, things I no longer use etc….for 29 days. I also think that I can give MORE than one thing per day. So off I go. I may post daily about what I gave and how it felt, but I know that in the past when I have committed to posting daily, I set myself up for failure…:-)

Today, August 1st, I have already given something. I was at Panera Bread ordering coffee and a bagel before I got started with my day. I was excited about my order (a Cinnamon Crunch bagel…OMG). After checking out with the lovely gentleman, I told him how much I love Panera! He said, “Great, if you want to talk about it, go to this website (where there is a survey).” Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I went and filled out the survey. I didn’t realize that there was a sweepstakes as well (that was just icing and I was just going there to spread the love)…

So, so far, that’s it!!

Have a great day and keep on giving!!