Don't Let Winter Dry-Out Your Skin!!

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Dry Out Your Skin!
Eight ways to maintain your skin during cold weather months…

During the winter I always feel like I can’t get my skin enough moisture. I
did a little research and found a few tips that could help you too!

* Take fewer & shorter showers or baths.
* Keep water luke warm, not hot.
* Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Then your moisturizer will penetrate
your skin much more efficiently!
* After you exit the shower, pat dry and moisturize your skin immediately.
* Don’t use soap with sulfates, they will dry out your skin.
* Don’t exist with the furnace on high 24/7. Lower the temp and put on a
sweater. The heat from the heater will dry out your skin. (plus it will
save on your power bill)
* Use a humidifier. It will keep moisture in the air.
* If you are dehydrated, drink water.

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