Wanna Be More "Virtuous"?

According to a small study at the journal of Psychological Science, when put in a “clean scented” room, participants became more honest and willing to give and reciprocate with the partner.

The conclusion for researchers? “These changes in behavior can be explained by a symbolic link in individuals’ minds between moral purity and cleanliness, epitomised, according to the researchers, by the ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ adage.”

To read about the study, CLICK HERE!Brochure-Perume Bottles

A Message I Heard from Marianne Williamson

Santa Monica Pier

Last week I spent 5 days at a conference in Santa Monica, CA. The event was put on by Gina Ratliffe creator of the Esther Experience. And what an experience it was! We had SO many speakers: Eben Pagen, Gary Vaynerchuk (The Wine Guy), David Neagle, Lisa Elia, Laura Roeder and so many others it’s hard to remember.

We were also given the privilege of listening to Marianne Williamson. If you are not familiar with her, she is a wonderful spiritual speaker who teaches A Course in Miracles and she changes lives. As I was listening to her, I was able to take notes and now I can pass them along here.

Marianne said (according to A Course in Miracles):

  1. You are no better or worse than anybody else.
  2. Each and every one of us has infinite potential to change the world.
  3. You are not the water, you are only the faucet.
  4. You are not a master, you’re a servant.

You are no better or worse than anybody else. That in itself is one of the most powerful messages. I forget that in this big world, as I am running around trying to get things done, I ask myself, who am I doing this for? Are my actions trying to make me “better” than someone else out there? I heard this message a long time ago. It was put like this, “We are all children of God.” (I had to get past the “God” part, as I don’t ascribe to any specific religion). What I learned is that God can become whatever I want it to be. The universe, the earth or the spirit in other people. As I reread what I have written here, I didn’t intend for this post to be about God. But I guess when you bring up someone like Marianne, you can’t help but talk about it.

Each and every one of us has infinite potential to change the world. What I hear is that the universe and our place in it is limitless. Expand, grow, change. While I was at this conference, I was expanding moment by moment just by sitting in the chair listening to the speakers. My goal now is to take what I have heard and felt and take it into the rest of my life. I need to act like a person who believes this. Whatever that looks like to me.

You are not the water, you are only the faucet. This reminded me of the fact the I am just a channel for God or spirit to come through. I don’t control the water. I don’t even need to worry about the water. I just need to keep the faucet working and clear for the “water” to come through.

You are not a master, you’re a servant. I heard a few messages about mastering your craft at the event. They said it takes about 10,000 hours to be a master of your craft. Being a master of my craft means I am keeping the faucet working well, for the water to come through. This is different than the master Marinne spoke of. Am I being a servant of God or spirit or something higher than me? Am I allowing that energy to come through me?

Another thing that Marianne said was, “Don’t enter into today with yesterday’s filth.” My ears perked up, of course, as I feel I can be the “faucet” here and allow the “water” to come through me. I was showering every other day, as I wanted to save water. But when she said this, I think I will change my ritual a bit.

How do you see these manifesting in your life?

Blending Bash was a Blast!!

Last Sunday night, we had a Blending Bash at the “Nest,” as we affectionately call our store. Eight people came and bended their own “signature” fragrance. We had food from Porto’s Bakery! YUM! Chicken Empanadas, these black bean plantain things I can’t remember the name of that have sugar sprinkled on them and their famous potato balls. (Mashed potato filled with meat!!) My friend Jiffy made us a Blending Bash cake! What a sweet heart…here’s a pic!

We had some great combos: Where Angels Go (Angel Food Cake) & Zen Tea…WOW! I never would have put those two together! Thanks for that, Heather!!

Here’s some of the peeps that attended. (Thank you Amy Jurist, for the photos!)

Jiffy!Blending Joe!Joe & Jenn!Blending Alyson!Smelling Peeps!Finished Joe!!BBash AlysonBlending Bash Cake