What I learned on a recent cruise!

As I mentioned last week, I recently I travelled to Jamaica and Grand Cayman on a cruise with some lovely ladies from the Indie Beauty Network. We went on a business cruise…yes, I said business cruise…don’t roll your eyes at me…:-)

Anyway, the women I met on this trip were so wonderful. Everyone was at a different growth level in their business. Some just starting, some relaunching and others reinventing. We spent two days masterminding our businesses. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when business-minded people get together and the entire group helps each person with their individual business (or personal life, whichever is pressing at the time). Sometimes personal and business overlap, and it’s a great, non-threatening place to get help.

As part of my masterminding, there were a few things that came up about what I want and need to do to grow KleanSpa.

  1. Promoting our off-shoot company, Mobile Mixtress. You can follow us here on FaceBook. A custom-blending party service for birthday’s, bat mitzvah’s, bachelorette’s, girl’s night in etc…Everyone receive’s their own custom fragrance! Ooh la la!
  2. We are going to whittle down our “flavor” list. With so many fragrances, it’s hard for us to grow efficiently. Hire us for your next party and we’ll come and blend a fragrance for each of your guests.

Many of you have asked which fragrances we are letting go of.

Here are fragrances we are letting go of!
German Chocolate
Holiday Glow
Karma-L Krunch
KleanSpa Kolada
KleanSpa Grass
New Cucumber
Sweet Sugar
Zen Tea


3. On April 1st, we will be gently raising our prices. It’s been at least 4+ years since we have increased our pricing and with raw materials costs rising, we simply cannot continue to absorb those costs.
With that in mind, we are offering a discount so that you can stock up for spring at our current pricing.

Use code: SPRINGFLING in the coupon code area and save 25% off your order.

We are so grateful and honored that so many of you have been our cheerleaders and continue to be a source of inspiration for us!
Thank you.

Start Saving!