Love your Neighbor!

Do you love your neighbor?
We want to help you start! Here’s how!

Last night (at four in the morning) when I was in between sleeping and waking, I thought of an idea. I don’t always have ideas like this and I am usually not awake at 4am!
But this one felt really good! Here’s the story…

Recently, I have been helping my dad who is 84. He has fallen quite a bit over the last few years, and no longer drives. I have jumped-in to help him out in any way I can. One of the things he wanted me to do was bring KleanSpa products to his house so that I could give them as a gift to his new neighbors. They have lived in the house at least 6-months and he really wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood. I kept forgetting to bring the items and he kept reminding me. (There’s a lot to remember when you run a business and take care of an aging parent.) Anyway, I finally brought one of our diffusers and walked it over to their house and knocked. The gal who lives there opened the door and was so thrilled to receive an unexpected gift. She asked me to come in and told me that they were home most of the time (as they worked from home) and that if my dad needed anything, that he could call. She then gave me her contact info.

This act of kindness not only made her feel good, it made me feel great! I am not sure about you, but I have neighbors that I have had for over 10 years. I am friendly with many of them and occasionally we have given gifts to each other. Completely randomly and for fun and for free…meaning with no expectation of something in return. But I want to feel that sense of community again.

Here comes my idea! I want to offer this to you. This weekend, starting today, since it is a long weekend for many of you, I am giving you the opportunity to “love your neighbor.” I encourage you to spread the good will and the KleanSpa love to others near you. When you purchase a small lotion or polish, you will receive an identical item to pass along to your neighbor. On OUR dime! (Limit 2 items to give). AND, after you take part in this, we will credit you 12 points (worth $10.00) to your KleanSpa Punchcard. That means, the next time your order, you will save $10.00 on your order! (This will be added by hand, after you place your order. Not to mention you will receive the points you gain just by placing the order).

Right now, you may be saying, why would I want to love my neighbor? They leave their trash cans out all week or they let their dog do its business on my lawn and don’t take care of it! Or, I live in a tiny town and my closest neighbor is a half-mile away. I get it. If you simply can’t bare the thought of talking to your neighbor, pick someone you think needs a little love (maybe that guy who flicks his cigarette butts on the street needs some manSCRUB). A little good energy is what we want to spread. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So what do you think? It’s Easter weekend and whether you follow that path or not, it’s Spring. Time to celebrate something new and spread joy!

Start Spreading the KleanSpa Love!
Ends 4/8/12

*This offer may not be used with any coupons or Plum District vouchers.