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Essentially KleanSpa

A little background about me and essential oils…I have not been a huge fan of them….THERE…I said it! I am admitting it in front of all of you.
Every time I would come across an essential oil scented line, I never got excited about the way they smelled. Maybe it was because they were so basic or just uninteresting to me. My love affair with perfume oils has been long and passionate. They are what inspired me when I started KleanSpa. I have always envisioned and created my perfume blends with the notion that they smell like the things that they are. In other words, my library of aromatic oils need to smell natural…and or good enuf to eat! I think I have accomplished this. I have had lots of experience blending fragrance, but turned my nose up (no pun intended) at essential oils.
Last month we did a show called Unique SF and I created a line of essential oil scents that made me have the same feeling that I do with fragrance. That was the missing link!  I was not smelling scents from other companies that gave me the “Oh My God” response I was used to. So, we added some lovely essential oil blends to our Klean Green line…not only did we add scents we changed the name to KleanSpa Essentials,.

KleanSpa Essentials Scents

Almond Biscotti: Ceamy notes of almond!

Clemenlime: Clementine and Lime essential oils create a tart, fruity melange of scent!

DillMint: Fresh dill, spearmint and peppermint essential oils mingle and send you on a spirited trip!

Grounds: Dark coffee and almond nectar, swirl together creating an aroma almost good enough to drink!

Lime Crush: Truly refreshing! Smells like a Lime popsicle.

PepperGrass: Energizing gingergrass blended with cedar and pink peppercorn will add a zing to your step.

Relaxing Lavender: Traditional lavender scent. Calm those nerves.

White Basil: The tart essence of white grapefruit touched with herbaceous basil will make your mouth water.

All the Essentials come in Scrubs, Lotion, Syrup, Pearlized Body Wash, Butter etc…
You may peruse our Essentials line, HERE!