Fragrance Trends for 2015 Why should we care?

It was recommended to me to write about the fragrance trends for Spring/Summer 2015. I responded with “why?” I am not usually one to care about trends because I go with my heart and my gut as far as what we choose to add to our fragrance catalog. But I, begrudgingly, did a little research and was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s where 2015 is taking us. According to a recent edition of Seven Scent and their bi-annual Fragrance Trends Alert, the Spring/Summer seasons bring us fresh, fruity, natural-type notes with a modern twist. This caught my eye, because KleanSpa is driven to create scents that are bursting with amazing, fresh fragrance notes that smell like the things that they are meant to smell like…especially in Spring and Summer!

Here’s what Seven Scent reports:

  • Rhubarb – Bringing a fresh, green, lightly tart and red berry note. Rhubarb blends with fruity and floral aromas to create a subtle sharpness.
  • Mint – Adding a cool, green note and a hint of spice. The addition of mint gives scents a natural lift. 
  • Tea – Offers a variety of delicate aromas. A renewed focus on tea delivers a fresh and romantic character.

These “trending” notes sound mouth watering-ly great! I have never worked with a Rhubarb scent, but intend to search for one. We have a few teas on our blending bar. A black tea which includes an almost rose-y/floral note and a white tea scent that is tart, like fruit.

I see, now, that I can take a direction and inspiration from fragrance trends and make them my own trend. It’s like anything in life. Be inspired. Don’t copy. Be yourself. And even though I don’t feel drawn to make what I think people want or what is popular…as far as our KleanSpa scents go…I am intrigued and inspired to take these notes and see what I can come up with. I hope that you (and I) like it in the end…:-)

The trend report listed some fall notes, but I will save a post for that later in the year.

Thanks for reading.


Hello again!

Hi there. Remember me? It’s been awhile. You look great today!

My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of KleanSpa. If you belong to our newsletter or Facebook fan page, you have probably heard of me. I am glad you are here. Trying to catch you up on what’s been going on in the last few years could be a good idea, but I feel that would be a huge post so I’ll just start from today, this post, this moment.

We celebrated the end of our KleanSpa year, 2014, with the best December ever! We could not have done it without you…so throwing kisses to you all! Muah!

Our website is being upgraded slightly for easy usability and hopefully will make shopping with us even easier.

Coming Februray 8th, I set sail for my annual Indie Business Cruise. It’s a trip I look forward to all year long. A place to percolate ideas with other Indie Biz owners so we can thrive and grow! This year our travels take us to the Eastern Caribbean (St. Thomas, CocoCay, St. Marteen, The Bahamas). Dubbed as a “Business Cruise” (ha ha) we are able to learn, do business and have fun! You’ll get a lovely update upon my return.

For now, thanks for allowing me to dust off the cobwebs of this blog and look forward to seeing you more this year!

Stay smelling good!