I’ll be “brief”…

Mixtress Kit 600Have you found your perfect scent?

I consider myself a student of perfumery. I never imagined it when I was younger, but as I followed my gut and my heart, I realized that my entire existence has been leading me here. I worked in retail, coffee houses, restaurants, selling coffee & tea and catering. Ever since I could remember, I have been sniffing random objects, hoping for an inspiration.

My first perfume oil was Rain. I was twelve. It was perfect.

As my life evolved, and after collecting many jobs and experiences, my intuition guided me to a life of fragrance. Since 2005, I have been creating and working with oils and components to design my products-based spa line, KleanSpa.

Two years ago, I began delving even further into perfumery. As I have been blending perfumes for our clients, I felt is was necessary to gain as much information and experience as possible. I hopped on the fragrance education train with my acquaintance (and now friend) Sarah Horowitz. We have had 6 classes over the course of two years. Full-day study of the art pf perfumery. It has been magical for me and I hope that my new-found experience can translate to help you find your perfect scent.

One of the things that we learned about was “briefs.” A fragrance brief is something that perfume houses request from their clients to help them get a picture of what they want their potential, imagined scent to be. When scent is described, we use the words of our other senses to describe it. “Sweet,” “sharp,” “airy,” etc…

From the very first class, Sarah had us writing our own briefs. We would base them on the theme of that class. In our last meeting, Sarah turned our class over to fellow perfumer, Jeanne. She is such a lovely person and everything she speaks sounds like poetry. Her focus for this class was the Greek Gods & Goddesses.

Here’s an example of a brief that I wrote based on Jeanne’s teachings of Hermes:

Spring’s Message

Follow me into the grace
I’ll guide your singing souls
With notes of spring & lyre
A fragrant earth awash with light
Young nymph blooming
Blossoms looming
Spring has sprung
I carry the message
I carry the song of earth & air.


This is just an example of what a brief can be. Some people are VERY specific and some use just a few words that describe the feeling of a place or color. In any case, there is no doing it wrong. Since I have been a songwriter (my former life) all my briefs come out as lyrics or poems. I try to tap into my creativity and instinct and just write what comes out.

Picking the notes for this small ditty, was fun. And based on interpretation.

What notes could you see in this scent?

Have you found your perfect scent? Start with writing a brief. And see what happens. This may be a key to unlock what your heart, nose and soul are looking for!

I would love to see how you interpret this brief! Please include your ideas in the comments!

Scentually yours!