The Birth of our All-purpose Massage Oil

THE all-purpose massage oil

For massage, moisture and much, much more…

The best massage oil ever!

A long time ago, far, far away I took my products to a gift show. I was just starting out and wanted to get the products into the world and make a splash. While our splashing at that event was more of a meet & greet with other vendors, I realized that inspiration comes in many forms and new products come to fruition.

The word barter is popular among indie makers. I love trying other companies’ products and sharing mine. One of the trades that changed my life was a body oil from a fellow B&B company. Once I tried it I was immediately transported. I don’t even remember her company name, otherwise I would thank her for the inspiration.

This oil became my reason for bathing. I was moved to develop my own oil that could be used as a bath oil, body oil, hair tamer, shaving oil and (of course) massage oil. With a little experimentation, I came up with our Essential Treatment Oil blend. This elixir contains coconut, almond, avocado, sesame, castor oils with Vitamin E. We blend it with any of our kick-ass fragrances. Try using it after the shower when you are slightly damp and you’ll  exude your favorite KleanSpa scent the entire day. We highly recommend layering all of our other products, too.

Thanks to bartering and inspiration, our ETO has become a best-seller and must have!

We encourage you to try it and see for yourself. Take this massage oil to your next appointment and see what we’re talking about.