A few thoughts…

   We are here for you…

We hope that you and your family & friends are staying healthy and safe.

A few thoughts.

First… We wondered how we could help our customers and thought we could offer a coupon to save on things that will help keep you and your family healthy (like soap and lotion or body butter) from all that hand-washing.

Here is a coupon code for 20% OFF: BREATHE
Can be used online and in-store if you are local.

Second…It’s no secret that we’ve all had to change or include additional habits to what we already do. The way we all move and act in the world has a direct effect on how we keep ourselves and others safe from catching the COVID-19 virus. Hopefully this will all be in the rear view, but for now, KleanSpa is stocked-up with our soap and lotion (cause all of us are washing our hands way more than usual right?…can I get an Amen!). It might be a good time to stock-up on those items for the foreseeable future.

With all the talk about the pandemic of COVID-19, it’s hard not to let it become a pandemic of fear. There are steps you can take to reduce your anxiety.

Third…Not only is COVID-19 a pandemic: “a worldwide spread of a new disease”  but it may also be the spread of the pandemic of fear. Social distancing by massive cancellation of events, flights, closing of countries (Hi Italy) etc… seems to be the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Here’s the thing, the health of our immune system is directly related to what we tell ourselves. In a time that is filled with the unknown, there are things we can do to strengthen ourselves:

a. Breathe…deeply. Try box breathing.
Breathe in for 4 seconds,
Hold for 4 seconds,
Breath out for 4 seconds.

b. Meditation. This doesn’t mean you have to sit in a cross-legged position and chant. (But you absolutely could!) It means taking the time to slow down your brain…even for just 5 minutes. You could try the box breathing mentioned above and meditation at once. Calm…that…brain.

c. Positive affirmations you can say to yourself.
*I am safe
*I will be taken care of
*This won’t last forever, it’s just a moment in time etc…

I write this not only for you, but as a reminder to myself.
The fear feels real.

d. And, finally. Limit your exposure to Social Media, the television news and news apps. Be aware of what’s going on but don’t overly-immerse yourself in the media. This will help with the fear.

I didn’t realize this would be so long, but I wanted to express my love for you, our KleanSpa family, and hope that we can help in some small way.

Take care…and keep washing those hands! 🙂

Jennifer & the KleanSpa Team

P.S. If you got this far, congrats and thanks!