30-Day Blog Challenge…Wanna come along?

30-day Blog Challenge 300

Today, Sunday June14th, is the first day of a 30-day blog challenge.

I belong to an fantastic business group called the Indie Business Network and have been  given the task to blog for 30 days, if we so choose. Well. I have decided to do it, reluctant though I may be.

Many of you might not know that blogging is great for business! Google and other search engines love the new content and it can bring people to your site. The other great thing is that it connects us with our customers. So you ask, “why haven’t you blogged since January, don’t you love us”? Well, the truth is that I am not sure I have anything to blog about (awwww, booooooo, hissssss). That’s why I am taking this opportunity to practice my writing skills and to see if I can keep this commitment to myself and to you guys!

I hope that you will bear with me as I stumble through this and comment when you like something. If I haven’t told you recently, I love you. We wouldn’t be here unless it was for you.

I’ve got to get going and think of more things to write about! See you tomorrow!