I’ll be “brief”…

Mixtress Kit 600Have you found your perfect scent?

I consider myself a student of perfumery. I never imagined it when I was younger, but as I followed my gut and my heart, I realized that my entire existence has been leading me here. I worked in retail, coffee houses, restaurants, selling coffee & tea and catering. Ever since I could remember, I have been sniffing random objects, hoping for an inspiration.

My first perfume oil was Rain. I was twelve. It was perfect.

As my life evolved, and after collecting many jobs and experiences, my intuition guided me to a life of fragrance. Since 2005, I have been creating and working with oils and components to design my products-based spa line, KleanSpa.

Two years ago, I began delving even further into perfumery. As I have been blending perfumes for our clients, I felt is was necessary to gain as much information and experience as possible. I hopped on the fragrance education train with my acquaintance (and now friend) Sarah Horowitz. We have had 6 classes over the course of two years. Full-day study of the art pf perfumery. It has been magical for me and I hope that my new-found experience can translate to help you find your perfect scent.

One of the things that we learned about was “briefs.” A fragrance brief is something that perfume houses request from their clients to help them get a picture of what they want their potential, imagined scent to be. When scent is described, we use the words of our other senses to describe it. “Sweet,” “sharp,” “airy,” etc…

From the very first class, Sarah had us writing our own briefs. We would base them on the theme of that class. In our last meeting, Sarah turned our class over to fellow perfumer, Jeanne. She is such a lovely person and everything she speaks sounds like poetry. Her focus for this class was the Greek Gods & Goddesses.

Here’s an example of a brief that I wrote based on Jeanne’s teachings of Hermes:

Spring’s Message

Follow me into the grace
I’ll guide your singing souls
With notes of spring & lyre
A fragrant earth awash with light
Young nymph blooming
Blossoms looming
Spring has sprung
I carry the message
I carry the song of earth & air.


This is just an example of what a brief can be. Some people are VERY specific and some use just a few words that describe the feeling of a place or color. In any case, there is no doing it wrong. Since I have been a songwriter (my former life) all my briefs come out as lyrics or poems. I try to tap into my creativity and instinct and just write what comes out.

Picking the notes for this small ditty, was fun. And based on interpretation.

What notes could you see in this scent?

Have you found your perfect scent? Start with writing a brief. And see what happens. This may be a key to unlock what your heart, nose and soul are looking for!

I would love to see how you interpret this brief! Please include your ideas in the comments!

Scentually yours!





The Story of KleanSpa, Part four

It was the month of July, 2009, and I had just moved our company out of its first non-home workspace. The connections I had made through my previous business inspired a partnership that has been a match made in business heaven. My biz acquaintance, Amanda, and I (and her business partner) opened a shop together. She had a dream of having a most awesome gift shop (or as we like to call it–“The best store ever”) where she curated from local artisans and purchased their wares directly from them to support them from the get go.

We found a space in Burbank, CA. I had been looking for my own space, but the rent was more than I could swing at the time. During a last-minute lunch to discuss what we both wanted in a space, I got a call from a realtor in Burbank. There was a space that was available and we jumped at the chance to see it. We met and looked it over….the space was too big for us, however it brought us to the area and we found the perfect location. Two weeks later we signed a lease and on April 1st, 2009, got the keys. On July 25th, we had our soft opening (ignore the potentially nasty term) and the rest is history.

My Friends Lost Their Home in a Fire

Yesterday I wrote about how I am human. How I committed to doing a 30-day (in a row) blog challenge and failed. There was a reason my blogs didn’t get done…I jumped in to help my friends by creating a GoFundMe campaign to help us raise money because their home had been destroyed by a fire.

My friends Patty & Sergio lived in a beautiful apartment in Toluca Lake, CA. The building next door had been vacant for 10 years. I am guessing the builder ran out of money and let it sit there. The building was sold and the workers were beginning the demolition. Patty had called the police because, seemingly in an attempt to save wood etc…the workers were using saws to take apart the structure instead of tearing it down. Sparks kept flying onto Patty’s balcony. She was concerned for their safety and the safety of the building. The police did nothing. The next day, they workers were at it again, and that building and Patty & Sergio’s caught fire and their home was destroyed. They lost everything.

I heard about it just after she posted about it on Facebook. Luckily she had grabbed her phone before jumping out a second story window to escape the flames and was able to let us know. Their beloved dog, Winston, did not make it. 🙁

Here’s a picture of Patty, Sergio & Winston in happier times:

Patty, Sergio & Winston_cropI was drawn to help them so I started a GoFundMe campaign. I am so grateful for all the support that has come from this. If you feel moved to donate, any amount would help, please click here. So far we have raised (at the time of this writing) $10,640. Thank you for reading this and our thoughts and prayers go out to Patty & Sergio.

scentually yours,


Uh Oh…I’m human.

Oops...I'm human.

I am interrupting our last post series in order to let you know something. I am human.

I don’t know about you, but when I fail at things, I don’t give myself much room to be flesh & blood.

Several days ago I decided to join the 30-day blog challenge that my business group is doing. It started off great (except for the fact that I was disqualified from winning because my pictures weren’t posting…a technical difficulty).

Oh well, I thought, I am going to keep blogging for 30-days. I kept going. Then Friday hit. No blog. Saturday. No blog. Sunday. No blog. I decided to pick up my computer this morning and head to the local Starbucks to write this post. Instead of kicking myself, I got right back on that horse. I am human. I forget to do things, I promise things and then forget that I promised them (occasionally), I hurt people (unintentionally) etc…

My ultimate goal in life is to be a good person who does the things she says she will do. But sometimes I fail. And that makes me a little disappointed in myself. But it also makes me realize that I am fallible.

How are you fallible in your life?

Do you allow yourself to be human?

I’d love to know.

See you tomorrow.

Does Christ Have an Aroma?

Aroma-of-Christ_2It’s not often that I would discuss Christ on my business blog, or any blog, for that matter. I have no affiliation with any church or with a specific religion, but this came across my path today and I had to snap a picture.

It struck me as funny for two reasons:

1. That I would see it and that I do scent for a living, and

2. That a Church would make the statement that Christ has an aroma.

What could this mean? I asked my Facebook family what they thought the aroma of Christ would be and people came up with great answers. Many ranging from funny, totally inappropriate funny and serious. Several said, ‘Patchouli, leather, wine, soap, and sandalwood,” or “frankincense & myrrh.” Others said, “cake,” “chocolate chip cookies, and “vanilla” …that’s my kind of Jesus! I love cake & cookies!

The very inappropriate comment (that I found hilarious) can’t be posted here for fear of insulting someone…:-). And a few said “heavenly.” Totally…appropriate.

But this got me thinking. Why would the church post this? What message about Jesus is the church trying to give? Perhaps that, like a scent, Christ is everywhere. He permeates a room, a life and soul. He’s with you everywhere you go…like a strong fragrance. Or, maybe it’s protective in some way. Scent was used (in past history) to communicate with and as an offering to God through the burning of incense.

I like to think that scent is spiritual at it’s very core. It’s brings us back to our most basic and oldest part of our system; the lymbic system…which is most connected to memories. Scent can take us to another place. A relaxed space and, for some, so can Christ. It’s possible that scent does for one what the son of God does for others. Brings them back to themselves and makes them feel whole. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Now bring me the milk and cookies!

30-Day Blog Challenge…Wanna come along?

30-day Blog Challenge 300

Today, Sunday June14th, is the first day of a 30-day blog challenge.

I belong to an fantastic business group called the Indie Business Network and have been  given the task to blog for 30 days, if we so choose. Well. I have decided to do it, reluctant though I may be.

Many of you might not know that blogging is great for business! Google and other search engines love the new content and it can bring people to your site. The other great thing is that it connects us with our customers. So you ask, “why haven’t you blogged since January, don’t you love us”? Well, the truth is that I am not sure I have anything to blog about (awwww, booooooo, hissssss). That’s why I am taking this opportunity to practice my writing skills and to see if I can keep this commitment to myself and to you guys!

I hope that you will bear with me as I stumble through this and comment when you like something. If I haven’t told you recently, I love you. We wouldn’t be here unless it was for you.

I’ve got to get going and think of more things to write about! See you tomorrow!



Hello again!

Hi there. Remember me? It’s been awhile. You look great today!

My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of KleanSpa. If you belong to our newsletter or Facebook fan page, you have probably heard of me. I am glad you are here. Trying to catch you up on what’s been going on in the last few years could be a good idea, but I feel that would be a huge post so I’ll just start from today, this post, this moment.

We celebrated the end of our KleanSpa year, 2014, with the best December ever! We could not have done it without you…so throwing kisses to you all! Muah!

Our website is being upgraded slightly for easy usability and hopefully will make shopping with us even easier.

Coming Februray 8th, I set sail for my annual Indie Business Cruise. It’s a trip I look forward to all year long. A place to percolate ideas with other Indie Biz owners so we can thrive and grow! This year our travels take us to the Eastern Caribbean (St. Thomas, CocoCay, St. Marteen, The Bahamas). Dubbed as a “Business Cruise” (ha ha) we are able to learn, do business and have fun! You’ll get a lovely update upon my return.

For now, thanks for allowing me to dust off the cobwebs of this blog and look forward to seeing you more this year!

Stay smelling good!




KleanSpa Essentials

Essentially KleanSpa

A little background about me and essential oils…I have not been a huge fan of them….THERE…I said it! I am admitting it in front of all of you.
Every time I would come across an essential oil scented line, I never got excited about the way they smelled. Maybe it was because they were so basic or just uninteresting to me. My love affair with perfume oils has been long and passionate. They are what inspired me when I started KleanSpa. I have always envisioned and created my perfume blends with the notion that they smell like the things that they are. In other words, my library of aromatic oils need to smell natural…and or good enuf to eat! I think I have accomplished this. I have had lots of experience blending fragrance, but turned my nose up (no pun intended) at essential oils.
Last month we did a show called Unique SF and I created a line of essential oil scents that made me have the same feeling that I do with fragrance. That was the missing link!  I was not smelling scents from other companies that gave me the “Oh My God” response I was used to. So, we added some lovely essential oil blends to our Klean Green line…not only did we add scents we changed the name to KleanSpa Essentials,.

KleanSpa Essentials Scents

Almond Biscotti: Ceamy notes of almond!

Clemenlime: Clementine and Lime essential oils create a tart, fruity melange of scent!

DillMint: Fresh dill, spearmint and peppermint essential oils mingle and send you on a spirited trip!

Grounds: Dark coffee and almond nectar, swirl together creating an aroma almost good enough to drink!

Lime Crush: Truly refreshing! Smells like a Lime popsicle.

PepperGrass: Energizing gingergrass blended with cedar and pink peppercorn will add a zing to your step.

Relaxing Lavender: Traditional lavender scent. Calm those nerves.

White Basil: The tart essence of white grapefruit touched with herbaceous basil will make your mouth water.

All the Essentials come in Scrubs, Lotion, Syrup, Pearlized Body Wash, Butter etc…
You may peruse our Essentials line, HERE!