While e-mail is not a substitute for communication in relationships, I realize that many of the friendships I have wouldn’t be possible without e-mail, much less the Internet. Through creating and running this business, I have “met” some wonderful people whom I have never laid eyes on.

De Nelson, of Mineral Silk Mineral Make-Up
HollyBeth of HollyBeth Natural Body Products
Dawn Weeber of Vintage Sister
Donna Maria Coles Johnson of Indie Beauty Network.

There are so many others, but it’s impossible to list them all. It really is amazing how you can create friendships, now, with people all the way across the country. I am so grateful for these connections, because as life has gotten busier, it’s been harder to get out with the friends I know in flesh and blood!

I want to thank these gals for making my life fuller and happier!