Does Christ Have an Aroma?

Aroma-of-Christ_2It’s not often that I would discuss Christ on my business blog, or any blog, for that matter. I have no affiliation with any church or with a specific religion, but this came across my path today and I had to snap a picture.

It struck me as funny for two reasons:

1. That I would see it and that I do scent for a living, and

2. That a Church would make the statement that Christ has an aroma.

What could this mean? I asked my Facebook family what they thought the aroma of Christ would be and people came up with great answers. Many ranging from funny, totally inappropriate funny and serious. Several said, ‘Patchouli, leather, wine, soap, and sandalwood,” or “frankincense & myrrh.” Others said, “cake,” “chocolate chip cookies, and “vanilla” …that’s my kind of Jesus! I love cake & cookies!

The very inappropriate comment (that I found hilarious) can’t be posted here for fear of insulting someone…:-). And a few said “heavenly.” Totally…appropriate.

But this got me thinking. Why would the church post this? What message about Jesus is the church trying to give? Perhaps that, like a scent, Christ is everywhere. He permeates a room, a life and soul. He’s with you everywhere you go…like a strong fragrance. Or, maybe it’s protective in some way. Scent was used (in past history) to communicate with and as an offering to God through the burning of incense.

I like to think that scent is spiritual at it’s very core. It’s brings us back to our most basic and oldest part of our system; the lymbic system…which is most connected to memories. Scent can take us to another place. A relaxed space and, for some, so can Christ. It’s possible that scent does for one what the son of God does for others. Brings them back to themselves and makes them feel whole. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Now bring me the milk and cookies!