The Story of KleanSpa, part 2











This is Part Two of a five part article about how KleanSpa got started!

We left off here…

And then I got the email…it was from a buyer at Border’s (remember Border’s Books & Music?). He was searching for bath & body companies to add to their stores to try out more gift-y items. He asked that I send samples, which I did.

How could this be possible for such a large company to find me? I mean, I was operating my business by myself out of my apartment. Well, remember that blogging campaign? That’s how! He found a review of us on a blog!

I heard back a few weeks later and he told me that he was getting ready to go to London but that I would see an order in my inbox within a week. What!? Holy Cowbells Batman!

Luckily, I can sometimes be a smart cookie. While I was waiting to hear back, I had coordinated a fulfillment company, called all my vendors and had a $40,000 Line of Credit lined-up in case I needed an order filled. How did I know to do this? Sheer luck. I asked him what the order might look like and he sent it to me….You might want to sit down for this. A $60,732 order! In fact, I am going to post a shot of it here….they are no longer a company so I don’t think it breaks any rules!

Borders Order 2007

A week later, it came. I hired an assistant, rounded-up every component, bottle and jar and sent it to the fulfillment company. It’s was the most stressful 5 weeks of my life. I was on a fast-track to business and fulfillment. Problems came up and I spent a few sleepless night problem-solving. The outcome? It was filled and shipped on-time!

Time for a drink. 🙂 See you tomorrow, with our next chapter!