The Story of KleanSpa (Part one of a 5-part series)


I want to tell you the story of KleanSpa which begins in a small apartment in North Hollywood, CA.

A long, long time ago, I had the idea that I would start a bath and body company. I truly wanted to have a business where I could create something that customers would want again and again. That’s not the entire reason, but I wouldn’t know my true calling for many years.

At first it was just a thought that floated in and out of my brain for about 6 months. I looked to other’s in the indie beauty world for inspiration. I had never made a natural/DIY bath and body product in my life. But that didn’t seem to hinder me from considering this venture. Then, one day, at the end of December 2004, the name hit me! KLEAN!  I know. Anyone could have thought of that name. Of course I was a huge fan of the “kustom kar kulture”, and had a handmade purse and jewelry business named Klutchez for several years…so KLEAN wasn’t a far cry.

That was it. All I needed to push me into obsession mode.

Buy the domain: ☑

Learn and experiment with product development ☑

Buy a sh*tload of fragrances ☑

Test the market ☑

Hire someone to design a business card and website ☑.

It all fell into place. Ideas were popping up left and right and I was moving a mile a minute. Then, buy July 2005, I had my first website. Phew. That was done. But I wanted more and more and kept moving. If you build it they will come, right? Nope. Not so right.

Luckily, I had so much drive and passion towards the business, nothing was impossible if I did it one thing at a time.

I booked events, hired a PR company to do a blogging campaign, kept fine-tuning the products, filed logo for a trademark, joined several women’s business groups, got insurance…there was never not something to do. And I did it all from the inside of my 1-bedroom apartment.

And then I got the email…which I’ll tell you about tomorrow! 🙂