Havin' a Staycation….A Tropical Staycation!

Ok. So who here doesn’t want to travel anywhere because of high gas prices???? Me, me, me!!!!

So, what better thing to do than have a staycation!

One of my best friends and I just had a staycation vacation in our own backyard. (Except it was at her house and neither of us have a backyard). My friend Diane has been one of my closest friends for over 24 years. In the last several years, we try to go away together at least one weekend per year. Usually we go to Palm Springs. She is great at finding great deals on cute hotels.

This year, we decided that we would keep it cheap and stay here, in Los Angeles. Of course we didn’t struggle finding anything to do, we just struggled in finding the few days to string together and actually take off work!

So this last Tuesday and Wednesday, I packed up my stuff (of course I overpacked–even for a staycation). We did what we always do on vacation. Lay around, watch TV and eat. We realized that no matter what, we do the same thing here as there, but this time it was without the gas and hotel fees! What a concept.

Yesterday, we booked ourselves a spa day at Burke Williams in Sherman Oaks, CA. Ahhhhh the spaaaaaaaaa! I had a Deep Tissue massage. I think I have bruises on my back today. It was gooooooood! Hurt me, a little more!

Anyway, Diane and I decided that we should do this staycation every quarter. It was inexpensive and I DID get some rest. As she says, the thing we know how to do well is lay around and do nothing (and we’ve been practicing for 24 years).

If you have the chance, take yourself a little staycation. Adios!