Meet the Scentual Mixtress

My name is Jennifer Hardaway and I am the owner of KleanSpa and author of this blog…The Scentual Mixtress!

I originally began this blog as The KLEAN Dish, in 2006 for my business Klean. In 2010, we ended up changing the name and are now operating as KleanSpa. It’s 2015 and I have been enjoying honing my craft as a perfumer this year.

KleanSpa products are high quality, small-batch body care and we pride ourselves on our unique fragrances and natural ingredients. We also specialize in custom perfume and can whip-up something awesome for you.

As the time has gone by, my reasons for starting the business and my life as a perfumer have evolved and I look forward to exploring them with you!

There is so much more to the experience of a being human and existing as a “sensual” being. I am interested in all things “scentually” oriented and truly inspired from the 5 senses. Hear, touch, see, feel, taste. I believe there is healing in indulging all of our senses.

Welcome! I look forward to our scentual journey together.


The Scentual Mixtress

P.S. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!