My Friends Lost Their Home in a Fire

Yesterday I wrote about how I am human. How I committed to doing a 30-day (in a row) blog challenge and failed. There was a reason my blogs didn’t get done…I jumped in to help my friends by creating a GoFundMe campaign to help us raise money because their home had been destroyed by a fire.

My friends Patty & Sergio lived in a beautiful apartment in Toluca Lake, CA. The building next door had been vacant for 10 years. I am guessing the builder ran out of money and let it sit there. The building was sold and the workers were beginning the demolition. Patty had called the police because, seemingly in an attempt to save wood etc…the workers were using saws to take apart the structure instead of tearing it down. Sparks kept flying onto Patty’s balcony. She was concerned for their safety and the safety of the building. The police did nothing. The next day, they workers were at it again, and that building and Patty & Sergio’s caught fire and their home was destroyed. They lost everything.

I heard about it just after she posted about it on Facebook. Luckily she had grabbed her phone before jumping out a second story window to escape the flames and was able to let us know. Their beloved dog, Winston, did not make it. 🙁

Here’s a picture of Patty, Sergio & Winston in happier times:

Patty, Sergio & Winston_cropI was drawn to help them so I started a GoFundMe campaign. I am so grateful for all the support that has come from this. If you feel moved to donate, any amount would help, please click here. So far we have raised (at the time of this writing) $10,640. Thank you for reading this and our thoughts and prayers go out to Patty & Sergio.

scentually yours,