New Workspace!

I am SO excited!!
A little over two weeks ago, we moved into a new workspace.

The way it happened was a fluke! I was busy looking for a space. We weren’t really ready to have our own storefront, but I was doing some footwork, anyway. I found something near my house that was available, but the rent was pretty high. I called my friend Paula Naples (of Pure Sense by Paula), and asked her about what she pays other than her lease amount. She recommended that I not do it. (Meaning get my own space). “It’s a lot of money. [in general to rent a space]. Then she though of an idea! “Would you want to set-up your KLEAN operation in the back of my store?”

And the rest is history (a very recent history, but a history, none-the-less). The Saturday after our meeting, I began to move in! It is a perfect place for us to be right now. I will be selling our KLEAN products in the store and occasionally at the Farmers Market on Sundays.

I haven’t taken any pics, yet, but I will post as soon as I do.

If any of you are locals to Studio City, here’s the address: 12047 Ventura Place, Studio City, CA 91604