One More Time…with Feeling!

Where am I going

Today is October 19th, 2015. It’s the start of another Blog Your Brand month-long challenge. I wrote about the last challenge in the summertime, but only lasted one day. I was not able to get my image to load and was disqualified…:-(

THIS time, I am trying again. And with the phrase that my piano teacher used to use, “One More Time, with Feeling.” Let’s see how long I last, one post at a time. The goal is to blog once per day for one month. We are also required to post it on a certain FB group page and tag it on Twitter or Instagram. The minimum amount of words is 300 and we must post an image.

I like that I get to try again. It shows that we all have opportunities in life to start over, any time we like. There is not just one chance to accomplish things. Plus, it’s not necessary to beat ourselves up for not “winning” or completing something. Although there is a sense of satisfaction in just finishing a task or goal, it’s not the entire piece of the puzzle. Sometimes it is just the road we take to get somewhere and not the destination.

In January of 2005, I had no idea how many roads I would travel during my journey as a business owner, much less grow it every day to a place where I could do what I loved for a living and support others as well. But recently I have been thinking about my business…of course I am always thinking about it, but in this case I have felt kind of stuck. Not sure where to take it or what to do with it. I’ve spent time discussing it with friends and business colleagues. I had a brainstorming session with my Mastermind group to see where I (and or KleanSpa) was headed or could head. There are many possibilities and I will share some of those with you during this blogging process.

I hope you will share your thoughts!

See you tomorrow!