Uh Oh…I’m human.

Oops...I'm human.

I am interrupting our last post series in order to let you know something. I am human.

I don’t know about you, but when I fail at things, I don’t give myself much room to be flesh & blood.

Several days ago I decided to join the 30-day blog challenge that my business group is doing. It started off great (except for the fact that I was disqualified from winning because my pictures weren’t posting…a technical difficulty).

Oh well, I thought, I am going to keep blogging for 30-days. I kept going. Then Friday hit. No blog. Saturday. No blog. Sunday. No blog. I decided to pick up my computer this morning and head to the local Starbucks to write this post. Instead of kicking myself, I got right back on that horse. I am human. I forget to do things, I promise things and then forget that I promised them (occasionally), I hurt people (unintentionally) etc…

My ultimate goal in life is to be a good person who does the things she says she will do. But sometimes I fail. And that makes me a little disappointed in myself. But it also makes me realize that I am fallible.

How are you fallible in your life?

Do you allow yourself to be human?

I’d love to know.

See you tomorrow.