What Inspires you?

Sushi & Coloring

Lately I have been searching for inspiration. That thing that comes when I get so excited about something I can’t get it out of my mind. It often shows me the next path to take.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had been feeling stuck. Not sure what direction to take. It seems that when I am feeling that way, it’s usually because I’m uninspired.

Earlier this year, I was extremely motivated by coloring. Yes, that thing that 6-year olds do and yes, there’s this thing that’s been happening the last few years in the adult coloring arena and I jumped on that train…full steam ahead!

I purchased every book I could get my hands on and so many variations of colored pencils that my head was spinning with excitement!

I couldn’t. not. color.

Every night, I was in front of my TV with a table and coloring book. It’s like it was calling me to do it and I listened. I am not great at coloring. I am definitely not a fine artist by any stretch of the imagination, but what I learned was that it kept me focused on what was directly in from of me. A Zen, experience, if you will. I learned by sharing my experience that there were others in my circle who were totally entranced by coloring. So I decided to have a coloring party…and it was so much fun to share this with fellow coloring kin.

I struggle with anxiety and while it’s less intrusive than it used to be, this exercise is perfect for me. Calming the the left side (thinking part) of my brain while allowing the right (creative) side to play. The one thing I also noticed by doing this is that it “loosened-up” my artistic energy. I found that it helped me with my business and with some of life’s challenges.

Coloring is definitely a mind/body exercise and contributes to overall well-being and beauty.

What inspires you? What do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

Here are a few links to some of my favorite coloring books:

The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford

India by Abrams Noterie (a French coloring book)

My favorite pencils (thus far): Prismacolor (Soft Core)

Would love to hear about what inspires you!