"Yeah" or "Yay"

This has been on my mind recently. As I mentioned yesterday, I have made many new friends via the cyber-world. As most of our communication takes place via e-mail, I have had a question about a few words: “Yeah” and “Yay.” In order to show my excitement about a friend’s good fortune, I have been using the word “Yeah,” as I see many other people do. I read it as sounding like “Yay.”

So with that confusion (I know it’s not brain surgery) I had to go to Dictionary.com and look it up! The definition of “Yeah” helped me a lot, but there is also an audio option, which I found very cool. This word is pronounced “Yah.” Maybe I was reading or writing it incorrectly and thinking it sounded like “Yay.”

I know this may not seem incredibly important to you, but I like my exclamations to be correct. (For years I have been thinking one thing and “exclaiming” another.)

So, in short, now I know and I’ll just say…..Yay!

2 thoughts on “"Yeah" or "Yay"

  1. I iused to say “yeah” for Yay. But then one day I realized that I also said “yeah” for “yah” or “yes”. I guess I then decide to go with the Yay! option.Cyber friends are cool man! 😉~K