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Custom Scent

Custom Scent
How It Works
A KleanSpa perfumer will help you choose your palette based on what appeals to you, then create a tailored mix for you to try. Based on your thoughts, your perfumer will revise the mix, looking to best tune it in to you. Lastly, your perfumer will finalize your personal blend and you’ll give your scent its own name. We will store the mix of your scent so you can easily get refills as well as apply it to any KleanSpa product.

There are 4 ways to make your custom scent!

Schedule a One-on-One Appointment
You’ll sit at our scent bar in Burbank CA and your KleanSpa perfumer will walk you through all the steps. Leave with a roller or Eau de Parfum. Call to book an appointment (818) 843-1381.

Get a Virtual Blend
By trading emails, your KleanSpa perfumer will create 3 incarnations of your scent and send samples for you to choose your favorite. You will then name your scent and we will send your full-sized bottle. Click below or email info@kleanspa.com to get started.

Book a party in our shop
We can blend up to 20 people as one big, happy party in our scent bar! Call (818) 843-1381 or email info@kleanspa.com for a quote.

Use our Mobile Mixtress service
Whatever your special event, KleanSpa’s perfumers will come to you, set up our scent kits and create excellent fragrances for your guests. Currently, we offer this in the greater Los Angeles area. Minimum of 10 guests. Call (818) 843-1381 or email info@kleanspa.com for a quote.

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Happy Scenting!


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