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Custom Scenting

KleanSpa are purveyors of great scents and we lovingly call our fans "KleanSpa Krackheads." But sometimes, we want to put our personal stamp on a fragrance. One that we can call our very own. We are all different: we have different taste in food, clothing, colors, likes and dislikes of almost everything, which makes us each our own special snowflake. Wouldn’t it be great to create a Signature Scent and be able to order it in all of our KleanSpa products? Well, we can definitely hook you up! Choose from one of the options below to start the process. You can visit our shop and blend with us, one-on-one. Or, book a party in-store. Or have us come to you! Book a party at your location (Los Angeles local, only). Far away? We can mix-up a virtual perfume for you. AND, introducing our BYOB--Build Your Own Blend. Mix up to 5 notes, right on our website and have us work our fragrant magic!

And now….start your blending!