Gent Scent

Gent Scent
A citrus blend with cornmint and ozone and a dry-down of warm, earthy sandalwood.


MAN Scent: Gent Scent
Our MANscents are MANtastic!
MAN Butter: Gent Scent
Soften those rough MAN hands!
MAN Candle: Gent Scent
Eco-Friendly Soy Candle
MAN Lotion: Gent Scent
A super hydrating lotion with shea butter from Africa.
MAN Scrub: Gent Scent
Your man smells mighty fine - and looks great too!
MAN Soap: Gent Scent
A Manly MANsoap!
MAN Wash: Gent Scent
Cleanse your MAN parts!