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  1. Main Squeeze Body Scrub
  2. Simply Chai Oil-Based Body Scrub
    Sold Out
  3. Sweet Smoke Oil Sugar Scrub
  4. Vanilla Sandalwood Sugar Scrub
  5. Watermelon Sugar Scrub
  6. Wood Body Scrub
  7. You're My Yuzu Body Scrub
  8. luxurious body wash bottles
  9. Satsuma Body Wash
  10. all sizes natural body wash
  11. beachy body wash
  12. peachy body wash
  13. 3 bottles of coconut body wash
  14. bottles of fig and fern shower gel
  15. orange vanilla body wash, 3 bottles
  16. bottles of ginger tea shower gel
  17. rose body wash bottles
  18. coconut vanilla shower gel trio of bottles
  19. lavender body wash, all sizes
  20. lemon body wash, all sizes
  21. vanilla cinnamon body wash, all sizes
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  22. vanilla grapefruit body wash bottles
  23. all sizes creamy peppermint body wash
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  24. nut and orange peel body wash trio
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customer kudos

  • My husband smelled this woman’s scent at a very nice hotel bar in Raleigh NC. It was the Beach House ETO. She offered to let him touch her leg and of course he took her up on it. And, yes - I put the breaks on that right there!

    A. Ryan

  • OHMYGOOD GOODNESS. I just opened my package and I am so in love! A Million Thanks! These scents are just delicious!  I'll be ordering more for sure!

    B. Connor

  • Thank you for being the love and light smiles - gifts for ME and gifts for my friends and family! You saved my husband and I last Christmas 2020 by prepping and delivering our gifts on Cahuenga - I will forever remember your kindness. Thank you for your beautifully designed and scented gifts.

    C. C.