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KleanSpa Reviews

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Best smell ever!

This sweet smoke lotion is my fave! The vanilla and sweet smoke are to die for.

Great Natural Products!

Amazing body butter, feels great and smells delicious, heavenly body scrub and great smelling cologne! I have been using these products for years and love them! You will not be disappointed!!!

Shea Lotion
Stacey Doty
This place deserves 20 Stars

I love, love, love every single scent and every scrub! Customer Service is amazing and shipping is fast!

A Wintertime Favorite

My second year of starting cold weather season with Peppermint Dream! The perfect amount of tingly peppermint and sweet vanilla. Combined with the ONLY lotion that heals up my cranky crafting hands, Peppermint Dream Shea Lotion is a staple in my home.

Delicious is Right!

I love this new-to-me fragrance! Comfy, warm, inviting and sweet. As always, THE best moisturizing for my hard-working hands.


amazing i use it every day and iam very pick

Shea Lotion: Let it Snow
Let It Snow Is My Favorite Scent

Let It Snow is one of my favorite scents of all time. I've tried to find other scents/perfumes I like as much and chronically fail, so I ended up buying the rollerball oil and wear it all the time. I've also had the lotion, too, which is really nice. I get compliments on the scent, and different people smell different things in it (one person told me it smelled like Pina Colada). It's sweet and fresh without being overwhelming or perfumey, and I think you can get away with it any time of year.

Kleanspa products are my faves

I don’t actually remember how I discovered kleanspa, but I like the lotions and scented oils better than anything I can buy in a drugstore or department store. They are unique, and lovely, and I like supporting a local small business. Tiare blossom is my favorite among floral scents for summer, and sweet smoke is my favorite version of a tobacco/vanilla scent.

I love it!!

My favorite oil is the vanilla sandalwood. It smells amazing and makes my skin super soft. I’m often complemented on how good I smell, especially by my kids and husband.

Unique product

Love the products from Kleanspa. I have purchase soap, lotion, perfume oils.
Soap is creamy and lathers nicely. Lotion is not greasy and smells so good. The scents of the perfume oils are unique, I get many compliments on the fragrances.

Scent Mist: Beach House
Janice Lofland
Beach House scent mist

I wear Beach House scent mist every day and I absolutely love it! I get so many comments on how good I smell and it's now my signature scent! It's just a clean, fresh and beachy scent that makes me happy ♥️

fresh, clean, dreamy

I love ALL the scents, I've gotten. they're delicious, not too many layers, clean, fresh, relaxing, really magical

body scrub: beach house
JoAnn Piedmont
Best body scrub ever

I’ve been using this body scrub for years, and I have never been able to find any other product as good as this one. It leaves my skin in perfect condition. I strongly recommend it. I love this scent beach house however, they have many other great scents I’ve tried many.

Scent Mist: Cecile
Lizbeth Tendencia
Love it

The smell everyone stops me to say what is that scent I’m like it’s me.

Scent Mist
Doreen Dooley
Lavender Scent Mist

My mother in law told me that lavender oil would detract mosquitos, she was right, at least for me. I wanted to get a scent I could take on my trip to Orlando. The woman who helped me at Phoebe Peacock blended some lavender oil with some coconut oil and it was so amazing. The mosquitos avoided me, but I smelled really good.

Spa in a cream!

The Shea butter is so rich and creamy-the Main Squeeze scent is a clean, fruity citrus-always smells like summer. A spa luxury after every shower!

Amazing scent

This perfume oil has an amazing calm warm sweet scent. I wear it all year long and get a lot of compliments on it.

Beach House Body Scrub

I have been using this product for several years. The scrub works so wonderfully and the aroma is amazing.

Custom Perfume Reorder-Eau de Parfum

Great Products, Great business

Highly recommend: I visited in person once then decided to order online, both experiences were positive. Highly recommend Phoebe Peacock.

Shea Lotion
Candice Williams

I really love your products! Your lotion is so thick and sumptuous.
I love the subtle fragrance that it has. Love your products

My favorite

It was great creating the scent at the shop and it so easy to reorder it. I love KleanSpa!

Scent Mist
Katie Webster

Scent Mist

Perfume Oil
Sara Flis
Amazing Perfume, Amazing Service!

I LOVE the Roasted Nut and Orange Peel perfume oil. I've been using it everyday for years. This is a seasonal scent, so I buy a few when I can so that it will last me all year. I just ran out, and was searching on the site, during the anniversary sale, to see when I could order more again. I was actually able to place the seasonal item my cart, but I contacted the company before I placed the order, because I was sure it wasn't in season yet. They contacted me back right away and said that I could order since it was their mistake to have it available in the website. I ordered 4 small rollerballs of it, so that I wouldn't run out early next year. I received my order VERY quickly!

Sweet and Savory

One of my absolute favorite Clean Spa Scents — and from what I was told when I picked it up, a lot of people love this one. I don’t know how to explain the actual scent, its so unique, yet so familiar! Very nice for daily wear.