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kleanspa's delicious fragrances


Find a new fragrant fave! Read all about our unique scent blends which are available in your favorite KS products.



Bee Peachy
what it smells like: tart peach nectar with fresh cucumber, vanilla, and a pinch of pink pepper
what it feels like: a high-end spa experience that leaves you smelling fruity, clean, and relaxed

Cecile ("Cecille")
what it smells like: light, white amber notes blended with white tea, vanilla and a dash of anise
what it feels like: hollywood glam on the red carpet. You'll feel elegant, special, fabulous!

Fig n Fern
what it smells like: the warm scent of fresh figs blended with the green notes of lush ferns
what it feels like: a zen walk through a wet garden while sipping on a fig and honey smoothie

Ginger Tea
what it smells like: black tea with hints of ginger and milk
what it feels like: grown up tea party complete with posh dresses and fashionable hats

what it smells like: sweet notes of coconut and vanilla blend with a spicy tobacco, tart pineapple, and a dash of soft banana
what it feels like: a tropical getaway on a white sand beach with fruity cocktails and endless days of relaxation and sun. And a hot cabana guy, of course! ;)

Main Squeeze
what it smells like: zesty blended grapefruits with soft, sweet vanilla
what it feels like: late night ballroom dancing into the wee hours of the morning. You look stunning!

Satsuma Glow
what it smells like: bright notes of guava and citrus mingle with sweet jasmine & orange blossoms
what it feels like: summer lunch dates with your favorite femme fatales, plotting world domination while sipping on tropical mixed drinks

Watermelon Sugar
what it smells like: light and refreshing notes of watermelon, ozone, strawberry, grapefruit and black pepper
what it feels like: summer picnics with fresh sliced watermelon, berries, and a hint of mysterious intrigue (what is up with the next door neighbors??)

You're My Yuzu
what it smells like: a wonderful mix of tart Yuzu citrus, pear, red currant, and a dash of pine
what it feels like: your inner child playing dress up in fancy shoes and dresses. You go girl!



Beach House
what it smells like: relax in the breeze of ocean scents, coupled with fresh jasmine flowers and mandarin
what it feels like: taking a tropical vacay during the cold, dark winter - life is always good in paradise!

Blue Hawaii
what it smells like: hawaiian jasmine (pikaki) and creamy notes of coconut. (Bestseller!)
what it feels like: being greeted with fresh leis as you exit the plane on a dream getaway to the lush tropics of hawaii

Gypsy Rose
what it smells like: fresh rose petals kissed with sweet geranium
what it feels like: a modern flower garden with a riot of colorful roses mingled with other pastel themed petals creating a rainbow of colors and scents

Tiare Blossom
what it smells like: piquant notes of lemon married with tropical ginger and white flowers
what it feels like: walking into a high end department store and browsing through the bougie offerings because you know you can afford it allll...



Creamy Coconut
what it smells like: the perfect lush and intoxicating coconut scent with a subtle creamy complexity
what it feels like: waking up as Brigitte Bardot and realizing you can be anything, have anything, go anywhere, and do it all

Fresh Orange Vanilla
what it smells like: whipped creamsicle in a jar! Notes of sweet vanilla and crisp orange nectar
what it feels like: reliving your childhood when things were simple and a delicious ice cream treat could make your day absolutely perfect

Lavender Cream
what it smells like: herbaceous notes of lavender essential oil mingle with sweet notes of buttery vanilla
what it feels like: you're simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone.. and you know it!

Lemon Love
what it smells like: sweet & tart lemon essence mixed with pound cake and sprinkled with sugar
what it feels like: a bright summer day filled with sunshine and possibilities...and a sweet treat just waiting to be inhaled

Very Vanilla
what it smells like: sweet notes of warm vanilla and sexy notes of musk. This WILL get you noticed.
what it feels like: lacy doilies and macrame in a boho chic lounge - relaxed and seductive without even trying



Bound & Shagged
what it smells like: a leather-whipped scent robust with sultry notes of amber, musk and black pepper
what it feels like: lounging in a whiskey lounge dressed only in your well-worn leather jacket and a smoldering gaze that just comes naturally

what it smells like: if man stepped out of a shower and ran through green fields of ferns, dirty wet soil and musk - this is how he would smell. Fresh & dirty... just like we like him.
what it feels like: hiking through the hills and stumbling on a feral group of men with wild beards, wooden spears, and grass shorts... rawr.

Gent Scent
what it smells like: opening notes are comprised of a fresh citrus bouquet of bergamot, grapefruit and orange, middle notes of corn mint, fresh ozone, and a dry down of woods and sandalwood
what it feels like: meeting a well-dressed gentleman on a transatlantic cruise and recklessly deciding to meet at the top of the Empire State Building 6 months later...

Sweet Smoke (*unisex'y)
what it smells like: sweet pipe tobacco meets the dulcet notes of vanille-coco. A scent-sational unisex aroma
what it feels like: a full body embrace by your soulmate that leaves you feeling secure, comfortable, and above all else.. treasured and loved

Vanilla Sandalwood
what it smells like: musky notes of sandalwood blend with our sweet vanilla. Perfection
what it feels like: cruising in a luxury car along the Amalfi Coast - looking at the villas and vineyards and knowing that life can never be better than it is right now

Wood (*unisex'y)
what it smells like: sandalwood, amber and musk with a touch of vanilla, to keep him a little sweet (and a lot sexy!)
what it feels like: a day spent handcrafting raw wood into works of art followed by a late night trip to the local ice cream shop for a bowl of their luscious vanilla



Let It Snow
what it smells like: a marriage of vanilla, pine, cinnamon, clove & blood orange
what it feels like: waking up on Christmas morning to fresh snow falling on the trees outside.. the world is quiet and it is all yours

Peppermint Dream
what it smells like: vanilla & peppermint swirl together to create this warm, almost edible, fragrance
what it feels like: your senses are alive as you taking a deep breath of crisp and clean winter air while sucking on a peppermint candy

Perfect Pumpkin
what it smells like: the sweet notes of pumpkin pie blended with vanilla, spicy cinnamon and clove notes make this scent a perfect holiday treat
what it feels like: arriving at your bestie's home to enjoy a feast prepared just for you - including some craveable pumpkin whoopie pies

Roasted Nut & Orange Peel
what it smells like: a lip-smacking brown sugar scent makes this nutty, orange-y scent a hit
what it feels like: baking on a Friday evening after a long week at work - the anticipation of the finished treat is almost unbearable...

Simply Chai
what it smells like: warm notes of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger blend with rich vanilla, sandalwood with a dry-down of chocolate
what it feels like: a warm cafe on a chilly day as the hot drink warm your tummy and your soul - ahhhh... inner bliss

Sugared Plum Blossom
what it smells like: sweet plums rolled in sugar crystals and vanilla. Mmmmmmmmmm
what it feels like: visiting a snowy mountain town, walking into a candy store filled with handmade delectable sweet treats and being offered a sample of their turkish delight

Where Angels Go
what it smells like: light angel food cake with warm buttery notes
what it feels like: walking into the place knowing you smell like a bakery and that's not only ok, it's FAB-U-LOUS!