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Phoebe Peacock


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Our brick & mortar shop is located in Burbank, CA.

Twelve years after creating our product line KleanSpa, we opened our own brick & mortar.

As with many empires, I wanted to expand our offerings to include more beautiful goodness. After discovering my great grandmother’s name, I launched a perfume line by the same name, Phoebe Peacock Parfums, which includes alluring and aromatic notes such as Agarwood, Patchouli, Musk, and more.

With the birth of Phoebe Peacock Parfums, an opportunity quickly followed where I grabbed the chance to open a brick & mortar by the same name. Phoebe Peacock features KleanSpa (the hub where we hand-fill our products), Phoebe Peacock Parfums, and uniquely gorgeous vintage and new gifts and decorative delights.

As a lover of incredible aromas, vintage aesthetics and beautiful designs, I've always believed it's the little things that make a gorgeous life and brighten any day.

Aroma is one of the most uplifting ways to change your day. Our custom fragrance service helps you discover more of who you are through the process of creating your own scent. Just one of the many things we do!

Our colorful and delightful wares (vintage and new) will inspire you to refresh your home and create your happy space. A passionate life leads to a passionate self or vice-versa. I want you to be excited about creating a gorgeous life…inside and out.

I encourage you to explore our web shop and dive into our scentual world!

Prepare to be delicious!