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Jennifer Hardaway posing in from of the Phoebe Peacock store while dressed to the T

KleanSpa Mission:

Have you ever smelled something that immediately takes you back to another place? Scent is the oldest sensory system of humans and ignites the feelings and memories in us all. Our beautifully scented products are created to assist you with self-care and our mission is to help you discover more of who you are and bring out the best in you.

Hi there! I'm Jennifer Hardaway, the Scentual Mixtress, and owner of KleanSpa…a scent-sational product line I began in December 2004.

I LOVE wonderful scents and I have been sniffing everything my entire life! Books, wood, fruit, flowers…If it’s there, I may pick it up and smell it! Basically, a Scent-ologist, if there ever was one!

My first memories of engaging with fragrance were created at a young age when I discovered Mr. Sketch scented markers, which I called "smelling pens" and Japanese "smelling erasers" that exuded juicy candy-like flavors of grape, green apple, and watermelon. While these notes are that of a younger palette, some of those scents provided the inspiration for the "flavors" of my skin-silkening KleanSpa Body Polishes, which are made primarily of sugar, moisturizing oils, and beautiful signature scents.

Years later, I discovered perfume oils on a trip to San Francisco. The experience was so pivotal that I now view myself as "scent virgin" prior to my metaphorical romp in the hay with "Rain." So began a life-long love affair between me and the perfume oils I now orchestrate into my scentual and aromatic KleanSpa offerings.

After sharing a retail space with a friend for over 8 years, the Universe put the perfect spot for us to branch out and open our own Brick & Mortar. We didn’t want new customers to think we were a spa, so we called our shop, Phoebe Peacock. Named after my great Grandmother. You can visit our sister site HERE. The shop has evolved since we planted ourselves there. Surviving a pandemic was just part of our growing pains, but it was a positive evolution. We just celebrated our 5-year anniversary (August 27, 2022) and we can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring.

And NO bath and body shop would be complete without a scent-blending bar! This began a more intensive practice in creating bespoke fragrances for new and old clients…with many returning for a new blend each season.

I LOVE my customers and my focus is to consistently procure the finest ingredients for KleanSpa, and to shower them with delightful, scent-indulgent products that please the body, nose, and spirit.

As I continue to whip up new and intriguing concoctions to add to my ever-evolving KleanSpa line, I hope you'll join the newsletter so you can follow along!

photo, makeup and hair courtesy of Iconic Pinups