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Mobile Mixtress

The Mobile Mixtress is a perfume-bar service.
We provide a memorable party experience for any soiree!

Here's how we work:

First, we have the guest choose a base note from our selections.

Then, we talk to them about what they like or what they’d like to create.

We choose another 2-3 notes that will pair well with the base and make a blend for them. Give them a sniff of the blend and they guide us to where they love it!

Once we have the chosen palette, we create a bit of the scent and try it on skin. (Skin changes a fragrance based on everyone’s personal mojo.)

We continue with our magical mixtery tour until we have found the perfect balance.

We fill the bottle half-way with the aromatic oils and the rest coconut (MCT) oil.

The guest will name their scent, we label it, anoint a peacock feather with their bespoke scent and put it in a small satin pouch. (Plus, we can try to match the pouch to the event if we have the color scheme ahead of time).

We have blended for large-scale events down to more intimate gatherings. It’s a fun party activity AND a party favor in one!

Contact us to schedule your Mobile Mixtress party or event!

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