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Scent Mist: Tiare Blossom

  • $18.00

What it Smells/Feels Like

what it smells like:
piquant notes of lemon married with tropical ginger and white flowers
what it feels like:
walking into a high end department store and browsing through the bougie offerings because you know you can afford it allll...



Indulge in the exquisite symphony of piquant lemon harmoniously entwined with the tropical allure of ginger and delicate white blossoms.

KleanSpa’s Scent Mist is a veritable elixir of olfactory delight. The go-anywhere dry oil fragrance spray transcends mere convenience - it is an embodiment of elegance. Slip it discreetly into your handbag and with a deft spritz, revel in the revival of your signature scent throughout the day.

Our enchanting scented mist is not confined to the confines of your purse. Grace your tresses with its ethereal essence. A gentle mist upon your palms, delicately swept through your luscious locks, and behold, the unruly fly-aways are tamed and your hair exudes an intoxicating aroma.

Elevate your sensory experience with this dry-oil spray, a harmonious companion to our other luxurious offerings. We invite you to embrace the sublime, one fragrant whisper at a time. 



Triglycerides of Caprylic/Capric Acid (Coconut) Oil, Cyclomethicone (dry oil), and Fragrance or Essential Oil.

customer kudos

  • I have been using the Essential Oil for years now! I’m NEVER without it! I just purchased some for a Friend.. and she’s now Raving about it too! Give it a try and see if you don’t agree! P.S. It’s never greasy and doesn’t stain clothing!

    B. Kate

  • As soon as I discovered this line of products I gave up on the mainstream commercial companies. The best thing I ever did—amazing fragrances and terrific service! Bravo.

    B. Cantor

  • I can't live without the fresh, uplifting and calming scent of the Klean Spa's Ginger Tea Sugar Scrub. I cannot remember how many years I have used it because it seems that I always have. It makes me feel like I've been to a spa - such a clean scent leaving my skin so soft from the gentle sugar and oil scrub. There is always a container of this delicious scrub waiting for my use in the shower. Thank you, Jennifer, for your creative scent genius! I will be a customer forever!

    M. Woodward