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whipped body polish: Smooth-EZ

  • $16.00

KleanSpa’s Smooth-EZ Body Polish exfoliates tired skin cells. This version of our sugar polish is a whipped sugar scrub. We have taken ultra-moisturizing shea butter and blended & whipped it within an inch of it's life with coconut oil and cane sugar to create an exfoliator’s dream! Our scrub softens while revealing baby soft skin.

This polish is for the more sensitive scrubbers.

If you like a fine grain sugar, this is for you!

Customer Reviews

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Candice Williams
Slothing it off

Love products.

Customer review

I am having a VERY hard time trying to NOT eat the Perfect Pumpkin smoothee scrub! Every time I get in the shower, my mouth begins to water, and I've had the urge to bake pumpkin pie all month!

Customer review

I tried the Brown Sugar Scrub and the Sugar Plum Blossom lotion for the first time and I'm in looove!

Customer review

I LOVE it!!!!! [Fresh Orange Vanilla]. Thank you so much - I am going to give it to all of my friends and family!!

Customer review

So I had a little bit of the Klean pumpkin scrub left that I purchased oh so long ago. I was saving it to use because I love the smell so much. I have to admit, its a bit harsh on my skin because I am a wus and don't use scrubs very often. But since I only had a small amount left of the scrub, I put it on my pumice and worked on the soles of my feet. That Stuff Is Magic. I have pretty bad cracks, etc on my feet but your stuff worked miracles. And I was afraid it would leave too much moisture and I would slip in the shower or something, but NO. Its just the opposite. It leaves my feet soft, yet not slippery!!!! You are a genius.

customer kudos

  • I have been using the Essential Oil for years now! I’m NEVER without it! I just purchased some for a Friend.. and she’s now Raving about it too! Give it a try and see if you don’t agree! P.S. It’s never greasy and doesn’t stain clothing!

    B. Kate

  • As soon as I discovered this line of products I gave up on the mainstream commercial companies. The best thing I ever did—amazing fragrances and terrific service! Bravo.

    B. Cantor

  • I can't live without the fresh, uplifting and calming scent of the Klean Spa's Ginger Tea Sugar Scrub. I cannot remember how many years I have used it because it seems that I always have. It makes me feel like I've been to a spa - such a clean scent leaving my skin so soft from the gentle sugar and oil scrub. There is always a container of this delicious scrub waiting for my use in the shower. Thank you, Jennifer, for your creative scent genius! I will be a customer forever!

    M. Woodward